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Introductory Seminars Offices

Sweet Hall, Second Floor
590 Escondido Mall
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-3068
Mail Code: 3068

(650) 724-2405

Email (General inquiries & Enrollment):

Reimbursement for an IntroSem Mentoring Meal:
Contact to submit itemized receipts and a list of attendees for a class meal, a pre-authorized program expense ($25 per individual, including tax and tip). PLEASE NOTE: In-class snacks or meals provided during class meetings are not eligible for reimbursement. Learn more first.

SuBMit a new course:
See this page on our site to submit a new Introductory Seminar.

Introductory Seminars Program Administration

Russell Berman
Faculty Director, Stanford Introductory Studies (SIS)
(650) 723-1069

Ellen Woods
Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education in SIS and SIS Director
(650) 723-9378

Dayo Mitchell
Associate Director, IntroSems and SoCo
Contact for supplemental funding requests for class activities. Learn more first.

(650) 736-0751  

Lauri S. Dietz
Associate Director, Faculty Development and Pedagogy
Contact for new course consultation or redesigning a previously offered seminar. Learn more first.

Tina Harmon
Finance and Operations Administrator
Contact for CDA requests. In request, provide course catalog number, student name and email, start and end date, maximum hours per week, and pay rate. Learn more first.

Academic Technology Specialist
Contact for developing instructional technology tools in the classroom. Learn more first.

Lindsay Garratt

Student Services Officer
Contact for course administration, sign up, or enrollment questions. For *department course admins*, learn more first.
(650) 721-1231