Open Enrollment Seminars

The seminars below are open for enrollment in Axess; the list is updated as multiple seats become available and the waitlist has been exhausted.

KEEP CHECKING BACK! If a seminar now shows as full, spaces often open up as students finalize their study list through to the beginning of Spring quarter. As a courtesy, please let the instructor know when you enroll. Freshmen, Sophomores and first-year transfers still have preference, although an instructor may also grant permission to upperclassmen as well.

 "An IntroSem will provide you with awesome experiences that you can't get anywhere else. Connections made with professors can lead to amazing research opportunities later on." - Stanford Student, '16

Spring Quarter  

ANES 70Q  The Psychosocial and Economic Ramifications of Critical Illness (Erin Hennessey)

ANTHRO 182N  Smoke and Mirrors in Global Health  (Matthew Kohrman)

ANTHRO 30Q  The Big Shift (Michael Wilcox)

ARTHIST 118N  Pagan Mythology and the Making of Modern Europe (Morten Hansen)

CHEM 24N  Nutrition and History  (Wray Huestis)

COMPMED 85N  Animal Use in Biomedical Research (Megan Albertelli)

COMPMED 84Q  Globally Emerging Zoonotic Diseases  (Stephen Felt)

EESS 46N  Exploring the Critical Interface between the Land and Monterey Bay: Elkhorn Slough  (Christopher Francis)

HISTORY 36N  Gay Autobiography  (Paul Robinson)

MATSCI 159Q  Japanese Companies and Japanese Society  (Robert Sinclair)

ILAC 114N  Introduction to Lyric Poetry  (Michael Predmore)

MED 51Q  Palliative Medicine, Hospice and End of Life Care for Diverse Americans  (VJ Periyakoil)

OBGYN 81Q  Perspectives on the Abortion Experience in Western Fiction  (Paul Blumenthal)

STS 103Q  Reading and Writing Poetry about Science  (Eric Roberts, Lauren Rusk)