Space Available

Each quarter, SIS Introductory Seminars that have space available--for enrollment by any student--are listed here. Unless required by the instructor, submitting an essay is not necessary. While attending Freshmen, Sophomores and first year transfers still have preference for the open seats, an instructor may also grant permission to upperclassmen as well.

 "It will provide you with awesome experiences that you can't get anywhere else. Connections made with professors can lead to amazing research opportunities later on." - Stanford Student, '16

SPRING Quarter

COMPMED 85N Animal Use in Biomedical Research (M. Albertelli)

POLISCI 45N Civil War Narratives (D. Laitin)

GERMAN 120Q Contemporary Politics in Germany (R. Berman)

COMPMED 80Q  Introduction to Animal Behavior (J. Garner)

EESS 49N/CEE 50N Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives on a Large Urban Estuary: San Francisco Bay (C. Francis, S. Monismith)

ANES 70Q The Psychosocial and Economic Ramifications of Critical Illness (L. Lin, R. Pearl, E. Hennessey)

COMPMED 84Q Globally Emerging Zoonotic Diseases (S. Felt)

GEOPHYS 20N Predicting Volcanic Eruptions (P. Segall)

ARTHIST 80N The Portrait: Identities in Question (R. Vinograd)

ILAC 114N Introduction to Lyric Poetry (M. Predmore)

ME 23Q The Worldly Engineer (L. Su)

JAPANGEN 82N Joys and Pains of Growing Up and Older in Japan (Y. Matsumoto)

HISTORY 78N Latin American Movies of Revolution (M. Wolfe)

TAPS 13N Law and Drama (B. Jakovljevic)

MED 51Q Palliative Medicine, Hospice and End of Life Care for Diverse Americans (V. Periyakoil)

PHYSICS 43N Understanding Electromagnetic Phenomena (B. Cabrera)

OBGYN 81Q Perspectives on the Abortion Experience in Western Fiction (P. Blumenthal)

SOC 46N Race, Ethnic, and National Identities: Imagined Communities (M. Rosenfeld)

RELIGST/JEWISHST 18N Religion and Politics: Comparing Europe to the U.S. (C. Fonrobert)

CLASSGEN 24N Sappho: Erotic Poetess of Lesbos (A. Peponi)

PHIL 11N Skepticism (G. DePierris)

PHYSICS 83N Physics in the 21st Century (S. Dimopoulos)







*These dates are targets and may change as necessary for program completions.