For Administrators

Stanford Introductory Studies (SIS) in VPUE coordinates the Introductory Seminars offered by departments and programs from all seven schools. Course and class record maintenance, scheduling, and classroom reservation are the responsibility of the primary offering department or program. SIS IntroSems handles outreach and enrollment in the seminars.

IntroSem Course Administration

Course Record

Department and program faculty are invited to submit courses, primarily between Jan 1 and Mar 15. Submitted seminars will be part of the curriculum contingent on department chair and decanal approvals.   Once approved, department course administrators set up the course and class records in the registration system.

Introductory Seminars are undergraduate courses with unique component types and catalog numbers in PeopleSoft –

  • SU Intro Seminar - Freshman (IntrSemFr / ISF)
    • Cat nbr ending in suffix, "N"
  • SU Intro Seminar - Sophomore (IntrSemSo / ISS)
    • Cat nbr ending in suffix, "Q"
  • SU Intro Dialogue - Sophomore (IntrDialSo / IDS)
    • Cat nbr ending in suffix, "Q"

Class Record

IntroSem program administrators will adjust the consent field (set to "Dept Cnsnt"), the enrollment capacity, and add an IntroSem note to the class record in CPS, to prepare for batch enrollment of admitted students. Department course administrators are asked not to alter these adjustments in the class record.

Axess and

The course ID number links the course record in Axess to VCAIS, the IntroSem student sign-up system. Official course information including seminar title, catalog number, component type, DTL, units, grading basis and WAYS certification pulls into VCAIS daily from PeopleSoft.  It is crucial that the course record in PeopleSoft is complete and accurate for this reason.

WRITE 2 IntroSem Course Administration

IntroSems that fulfill the university's second level writing requirement, WRITE 2, remain set to "Dept Cnsnt" for both add and drop consent.  IntroSem administrators oversee and handle enrollment in WRITE 2 Introductory Seminars in consultation with PWR. Note that students must contact to drop a WRITE 2 IntroSem.

Batch Enrollment

Enrollment in IntroSems is restricted to results of the VCAIS sign-up and selection process, explicit permission of the instructor, or the programmatic opening of seminars with space available.

  • Students sign up for priority enrollment in IntroSems at by quarterly deadlines.
  • After faculty review, selected students are batch enrolled in seminars by IntroSem administrators before Axess opens for quarterly course enrollment.
  • As admitted students are uploaded from VCAIS to AXESS, the class roster will become available to faculty from their teaching tab in Axess.
  • IntroSems may have waitlists if there is more demand than space. IntroSem waitlists are managed by the instructor, with Axess permission numbers. IntroSems with waitlists are closed to open enrollment in Axess.
  • Seminars that receive less than the target number of sign-ups in the VCAIS will be opened for self-enrollment when Axess opens for the quarter. Students are referred to the Space Available page.
  • Enrollment in WRITE 2 IntroSems is restricted. All adds/drops are managed by IntroSem administrators.

Preparing IntroSems Curriculum

Introductory Seminars offered in the current academic year will be rolled over to create the initial roster of seminars for the next academic year. This roll-over process occurs between January 1 and March 15. For seminars offered previously but not in the past year, instructors can renew their courses in the VCAIS or contact IntroSem administrators to request renewal.

When you log into VCAis,  you will be able to:

  • CONFIRM courses you will be offering in the next academic year.
    • If a seminar has been automatically rolled over but will not be offered in the next year, please type, "NOT OFFERED", into the course title field and click save.
  • SEARCH for and renew an IntroSem offered in an earlier year that wasn't automatically rolled over for the next year.
  • The CREATE button in the VCAIS has been inactivated; instead, submit a new seminar using this form.

Special note on using VCAIS:

  • To search, only enter a single criteria like instructor last name or subject from the drop down menu.
  • If you are not able to access the database, please contact to be added.

Adding an IntroSem in the Current Academic Year

If your department wants to add a course during the current academic year (after the roster process Jan 1 - Mar 15), please send your request to Ellen Woods, cc-ing Also complete the 2017-18 seminar webform.