Excellence Award Winners

2012-2013 Excellence Award Winners

Zainab Taymuree (2016)
A Portrait of Julius K. Nyerere
Sean Hanretta
History 48N: African History Through Literature and Film

Arun Kulshreshtha (2015)
Review: Beethoven Concert No. 3 Link
Stephen Hinton
Music 33N: The Beethoven Project

Michelle Jia (2016)
Calliope Speech Link
Christopher Krebs
Classgen 11N: Eloquence Personified: How To Speak Like Cicero

Monica Thieu (2016)
Program Notes for “Ut queant laxis” Link
Jesse Rodin
Music 38N: Singing Early Music

Andrey Sushko (2016)
Design and Construction of a Miniature Boat Propelled by an Electrowetting Motor Link
Robert Finn
Math 80Q: Capillary Surfaces: Explored and Unexplored Territory

Rebecca Gold (2015)
I Gave You My Heart But You Gave It Away: Sex and Gender Analysis in Organ Transplantation Link
Londa Schiebinger
History 44Q: Gendered Innovations in Science, Medicine, and Engineering

Rosalynn Emberton (2016), James Hong (2016) and Andrew Jacobs (2016)
Cognitive Tools of Social Networking Across Cultures Link
Reviel Netz
Classgen 22N: Technologies of Civilization: Writing, Numbers, and Money

Aaron Oro (2016) and Jamie Young (2016)
ChargeCycle: Charging AA Batteries with Pedal Power Link
Andrea Goldsmith and My Le
EE 15N: The Art and Science of Engineering Project Design

2011-2012 Excellence Award Winners

Vanessa Bastidas (2014), Savannah Kopp (2014), Patrick Reed (2014) and Alfredo Alvarez (2014)
Growing Up in the Land of Opportunity
Paula Moya and Hazel Markus
Psychology 29N/English 64N: Growing Up in America

Isabel Marquez Cardenas (2015), Yari Greaney (2015), Michael Penuelas (2015),
Nicole Ruiz (2015), Lauren Sweet (2015), Dylan Sweetwood (2015), Nora Tjossem (2015),
Joseph Topasna Jr. (2015), Mark Valentine (2015), Jack Werner (2015)

Student Podcasts: http://extinctionseminar.podomatic.com
Elizabeth Hadly
Biology 30N: Extinctions in Near Time: Biodiversity Loss Since the Pleistocene

Andrew Ponec (2015)
Integrating Renewable Electricity in the Grid: The Challenges of Variability
John Fox and Ted Geballe
Applied Physics 79N: Energy Choices for the 21st Century

Emily Cheng (2014)
Visualization of Visitors to National Parks
Jonathan Berger
Music 15N: The Aesthetics of Data

Emily Elizabeth Witt (2015)
Acquired Toticollis: A Case Report
Bruce Fogel
Surgery 71Q: Procedural Anatomy

Lynnelle YE (2014)
Twice Unwanted: Passing Race and Gender in Patricia Powell’s The Pagoda; and
Cherene Sherrand-Johnson’s Portraits of the New Negro Woman

Valerie Miner
Feminist Studies 188N: Imagining Women: Writers in Print and in Person

 2010-2011 Excellence Award Winners

Kelechi Erondu (2014), Dong Myung Kim (2014), Nicholas Su (2014), Preet Angad Singh (2014)
My T. Le and Andrea Goldsmith
Electrical Engineering15N: The Art and Science of Engineering Design

Sarah quartey (2014)
A Campus at War: LGBT Battlegrounds at Stanford University
Karen Wigen
History 95N: Mapping the World - Cartography and the Modern Imagination

Elise Racine (2014)
Spatiality and Solidarity: Exploring the revolutionary Tactics of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo
Susan Olzak
Sociology 22N: The Rootes of Social Protes

Julie Saffarian (2013)
Eating Disorders and Their Increasing Prevalence Amongst Minority Groups in the US
Irene Corso
Health Research Policy 89Q: Introduction to Cross-Cultural Issues in Medicine

Mayukh Sen (2014)
Glenda Jackson and the Feminist Utopia: Gender Politics in Ken Russell's Women in Love (1969)
Peter Stansky
History 31Q: British History Revealed by the Arts of the 20th Century

Zachary Yellin-Flaherty (2014)
Contradictions in Content and Style
Marisa Galvez
French 55N: After Epic - Romance, Lyric, and Novelistic Responses in Western Literature