Introductory Seminars Excellence Award

About the Excellence Award

2013-14 Excellence Award winner for BIO 17N

The Introductory Seminars Excellence Award recognizes exemplary individual or group projects made possible by the engagement of students and faculty on a topic of shared interest.

 Nomination Process & Criteria

Every quarter faculty nominate one student or group project (per IntroSem course) which they believe represents particularly accomplished work. The IntroSem Advisory Board reviews all nominations and selects projects that merit recognition. Winners and their IntroSem faculty members are honored at a reception the following academic year.

To nominate a student(s) for courses taught in 2017-18, faculty should complete this form by August 31, 2018 -

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As a guideline, these are the criteria on which nominees are evaluated:

  • Intellectual Complexity: Grapples with many dimensions of a complex topic
  • Excitement: Demonstrates student’s excitement for topic and/or class
  • Complexity of Perspectives: Addresses topic from multiple perspectives, when relevant, with great depth of thought
  • Insight: Seamlessly incorporates various forms of knowledge, if relevant, (e.g., multiple scholarly texts, class discussions, lived experience, etc.)
  • Potential: Represents unusually advanced work for a first year/ sophomore

Previous Excellence Award Winners

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