Excellence Award Winners 2011-12


Vanessa Bastidas (2014), Savannah Kopp (2014), Patrick Reed (2014) and Alfredo Alvarez (2014)

Growing Up in the Land of Opportunity
Faculty: Paula Moya and Hazel Markus
Psychology 29N/English 64N: Growing Up in America

Isabel Marquez Cardenas (2015), Yari Greaney (2015), Michael Penuelas (2015), Nicole Ruiz (2015), Lauren Sweet (2015), Dylan Sweetwood (2015), Nora Tjossem (2015), Joseph Topasna Jr. (2015), Mark Valentine (2015), Jack Werner (2015)

Faculty: Elizabeth Hadly
Biology 30N: Extinctions in Near Time: Biodiversity Loss Since the Pleistocene

Andrew Ponec (2015)

Integrating Renewable Electricity in the Grid: The Challenges of Variability
Faculty: John Fox and Ted Geballe
Applied Physics 79N: Energy Choices for the 21st Century

Emily Cheng (2014)

Visualization of Visitors to National Parks
Faculty: Jonathan Berger
Music 15N: The Aesthetics of Data

Emily Elizabeth Witt (2015)

Acquired Toticollis: A Case Report
Faculty: Bruce Fogel
Surgery 71Q: Procedural Anatomy

Lynnelle YE (2014)

Twice Unwanted: Passing Race and Gender in Patricia Powell’s The Pagoda; and
Cherene Sherrand-Johnson’s Portraits of the New Negro Woman
Faculty: Valerie Miner
Feminist Studies 188N: Imagining Women: Writers in Print and in Person