Excellence Award Winners 2017-18

2017-2018 Excellence Award Winners

Shraddha Anand 

The Folklore of Science: LUX-Zeplin Experiment

Faculty: Gabriella Safran 

SLAVIC 118N: Other People's Words: Folklore and Literature 


Rodolfo Isaac Arocha

Professor Steven Roberts and Rodolfo Isaac Arocha

"Ensnared: A Story of Multiculturalism, Racism, and Identity Formation"

Faculty: Steven Roberts

PSYCH 21N/CSRE 21N/AFRICAAM 121N: How to Make a Racist


Alli Cruz

Alli Cruz

Spaces for Identity: How Narrative Structure and the Spatial World Inform the Self

Faculty: Valerie Miner

FEMGEN 188Q/CSRE 188Q: Imagining Women: Writers in Print and in Person


Sophie Decoppet, Jack Herkert, Autumn Luna, and Harry Mellsop 

Professor Simone D'Amico with Sophie Decoppet, Jack Herkert, Autumn Luna, and Harry Mellsop

Space Mission Name: Intelligent Magnetospheric Mapping and Understanding Network Edification (IMMUNE) 

Faculty: Simone D'Amico

AA 118N: How to Design a Space Mission: from Concept to Execution


Kyle Duchynski

Professors Norman Naimark and Anatol Shmelev, and Kyle Duchynski

The Forgotten Fight: The Failings of the Allied Intervention in Siberia

Faculty: Norman Naimark/Anatol Shmelev

HISTORY 23N: The Soviet Union and the World: Views from the Hoover Archives


Katie Fong

Professor Dafna Zur and Katie Fong

The Construction of K-pop Fan Culture

Faculty: Dafna Zur

KOREA 101N: Kangnam Style: Korea's Soft Power in Our Globalized Economy


Deirdre Francks

Gender, Land Rights, and a Changing Climate

Faculty: John Weyant

MS&E 92Q: International Environmental Policy


Mustafa Omer Gul

Mustafa Omer Gul

Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 23 in F Minor, Op. 57, “Appassionata”

Faculty: Stephen Hinton

MUSIC 33N: Beethoven


Rishabh Kapoor

Professor Kari Nadeau and Rishabh Kapoor

Conjunct Intrathecal and Systemic Administration of Antisense Oligonucleotides (ASO) As an Enhanced Therapeutic Regimen for Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Faculty: Deborah Freeland/Kari Nadeau

MED 50N: Translational Research: Turning Science into Medicine


Harika Kottakota

The Right to Mental Health in Post-Conflict Societies 

Faculty: Ami Laws

MED 108Q: Human Rights and Health


Christian Ostberg

Professor Stephen Felt and Christian Ostberg

Zika Virus at the 2016 Olympic Games 

Faculty: Stephen Felt

COMPMED 84Q: Globally Emerging Zoonotic Diseases 


Ashwin Ramaswami

Professor Tom Ehrlich and Ashwin Ramaswami

Freedom to Call: Reactions to the NSA’s Telephone Metadata Collection Program (A Case Study) 

Faculty: Tom Ehrlich

EDUC 122Q/HISTORY 52Q/POLISCI 20Q: Democracy in Crisis: Learning from the Past


Nikhil Shankar

Professor John Fox and Nikhil Shankar

Transporting Suburbs to a Low Emissions Future: The Relative Roles of Technology and Urban Planning

Faculty: John Fox

APPPHYS 79Q: Energy Options for the 21st Century


JP Spaventa, Zoe von Gerlach, and Andrew Ying

Professor Dustin Schroeder, JP Spaventa, Zoe von Gerlach, and Andrew Ying

Designing Space Mission Management Structures Through the Lens of Data Economies

Faculty: Dustin Schroeder

GEOPHYS 54N: The Space Mission to Europa 


Joel Swann

Professor JD Schramm and Joel Swann

Changing Hearts and Minds Portfolio Example

Faculty: JD Schramm

GSBGEN 114Q: Changing Hearts and Minds


Antigone Xenopoulos 

Professor Ran Abramitzky and Antigone Xenopoulos

Immigration: The United States’ Guarantee for a Vibrant Labor Force and Economy in an Era of Population Aging

Faculty: Ran Abramitzky

ECON 15Q: The Economics of Immigration in the U.S.: Past and Present


Kelsey Zeng

An Analysis of America’s Gender Wage Gap

Faculty: Gregory Rosston

PUBLPOL 55N/ECON 25N: Public Policy and Personal Finance


Tiffany Zhu

Professor Nancy Kollmann and Tiffany Zhu

Old Boyars in New Clothes: Peter the Great’s Reforms to the Nobility and Bureaucracy

Faculty: Nancy Kollmann

HISTORY 20N: Russia in the Early Modern European Imagination