Excellence Award Winners 2018-2019


Julia Belle Adams 

The Helandros

Faculty: Valerie Miner 

FEMGEN 153Q/CSRE 153Q Reading and Writing the Gendered Story


Yanichka Ariunbold 

Yanichka Ariunbold, shown with family member

Lost and Found In Translation 

Faculty: Valerie Miner 

FEMGEN 188Q/CSRE 188Q, "Imagining Women: Writers in Print and in Person"


Emmanuel Ntse Ayumba, Nicholas Tyler Sligh, Cathy Xuan Zhang 

Emmanuel Ntse Ayumba, Nicholas Tyler Sligh, Cathy Xuan Zhang, Professor Mark Granovetter

Exploring the Profiles of "Connectors" in the Stanford Freshman Class 

Faculty: Mark Granovetter 

Sociology 31N Social Networks


Mià  Bahr, Hamza el Boudali, Ashley Kwon, Alexa Ramachandran

Mià  Bahr, Hamza el Boudali, Ashley Kwon, Alexa Ramachandran

The Physicists 

Faculty: Tsachy Weissman, Ayfer Ozgur, Irena Fischer-Hwang 

Electrical Engineering 25N Science of Information


Dylan Alexander Boles and Micah Wheat 

Dylan Alexander Boles and Micah Wheat, Professor Thomas Ehrlich

The Texas Issue: Sovereignty or Statehood 

Faculty: Thomas Ehrlich 

Education 122Q/History 52Q/Political Science 20Q Democracy in Crisis: Learning from the Past


Felipe Bomfim, James Kanoff,  and Andrew Zelaya 

Felipe Bomfim, James Kanoff, and Andrew Zelaya, and Professor Andrea Goldsmith

Empathy News 

Faculty: Andrea Goldsmith and My Le 

Electrical Engineering 15N The Art and Science of Engineering Design


Jake Chao 

Jake Chao, Professor Mark Crimmins

Why Robots Won't Turn Evil 

Faculty: Mark Crimmins 

Philosophy 20N Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence


Aria Fischer 

Aria Fischer, Professor John Evans

17 and Gold Going on 19 and Old 

Faculty: John Evans 

English 90Q "Sports Writing"


Jeffrey Heo 

Jeffrey Heowith  Hannah Zoe Chua-Reyes, the course assistant

Assessment of Modern Hydrogen Production Methods for Clean Energy Applications 

Faculty: John Fox and Theodore H. Geballe 

Applied Physics 79Q Energy Options for the 21st Century


Ivan Lenmdel Juarez-Reyes 

Ivan Lenmdel Juarez-Reyes, with family member

CP Violation 

Faculty:  Renata Kallosh 

Physics 18N Frontiers in Theoretical Physics and Cosmology


Woo Joo Kwon 

Woo Joo Kwon and Professor Dafna Zur

The Globalization of Korean Food 

Faculty: Dafna Zur 

Korea 101N Kangnam Style: Korean Soft Power in the Global Economy


Coco Lemberg 

Coco Lemberg and Professor Aliya Saperstein

Half and Half: Exploring Multiracial Views on Race 

Faculty: Aliya Saperstein 

Sociology 20N/Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity 20N What Counts as "Race" and Why?


Dante Mangiaracina

Professor Richard Saller and Dante Mangiaracina

Comparing the Roads of Ancient Rome and Modern America

Faculty: Richard Saller

Classics 26N/History 11N The Roman Empire: Its Grandeur and Fall


Emily Molins 

Emily Molins

Philemon and Baucis: The Revealing Nature of a Rare Happy Ending in Ovidian Myth 

Faculty: Richard P. Martin 

Classics 29N Ancient Myth in Modern Poetry


Khuyen Nha Le

Khuyen Nha Le

The Utopia Box

Faculty: Chenshu Zhou

China 154Q Utopia/Dystopia in Chinese Literature and Culture 


Alexess Sosa 

Alexess Sosa

A Product of My History 

Faculty: Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu 

Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity 47Q Heartfulness


Tara Sullivan 

Tara Sullivan

DiversityEdu and CCC: A Stanford Intergroup Contact Kindness Intervention 

Faculty: Jamil Zaki 

Psychology 15N Becoming Kinder


Valerie Michelle Trapp 

Professors Katherine Williams and Regina Casper and Valerie Michelle Trapp

Sex and Salpêtrière: The Role of the Male Gaze in the Treatment of Hysteria Patients 

Faculty: Katherine Williams, Regina Casper 

Psychiatry 111Q Madness and the Womb: Medical and Artistic Approaches to Women and Mental Illness Through the Centuries


Cooper Veit

Cooper Veit and Professor Laura L. Carstensen

My New Map of Life

Faculty: Laura L. Carstensen

Psychology 8N The New Longevity


Dawson Verley 

Dawson Verley

Global Conflict Observatory 

Faculty: Jonathan Berger 

Music 15N The Aesthetics of Data


Sohan Vichare 

Professor JD Schramm and Sohan Vichare

Portfolio of LOWKeynote Speakers 

Faculty: JD Schramm, Burt Alper 

GSB General & Interdisciplinary 114Q Changing Hearts and Minds


Austin Weideman

What Beethoven Means to Me

Faculty: Stephen Hinton

Music 33N Beethoven


Erin Wenokur 

A Bloody Crime? Remuneration for Plasma in the United States 

Faculty: Hank Greely 

Genetics 104Q Law and the Biosciences


Kyle Yu

Professor Kären Wigen and Kyle Yu

How Long Does a Stanford Custodian Need to Work to Make Rent?

Faculty: Kären Wigen

History 95N Maps in the Modern World