IntroSems Plus

The first IntroSems Plus meeting at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). From left to right: Dawson Verley, Francesca Kim, Zoe Gerlach, and Professor Jonathan Berger.

IntroSems Plus extends the intellectual relationships begun in a Frosh Introductory Seminar by supporting students who might benefit from continuing under close faculty guidance.

Program Overview

The goals of the IntroSems Plus program are to create mentoring and undergraduate research pathways for students early in their Stanford experience. By working closely with a faculty member on a faculty-led project, IntroSems students get a unique learning opportunity to observe and participate in the diverse types of research-based work university faculty engage in. Prior projects ranged from collaborations on new course design and website development to research assistance in coding archival data.

The IntroSems program will provide up to $1000 for each selected student.

We use a cohort model to provide on-going support for faculty and students participating in the IntroSems Plus program as a way to help facilitate students' reflection about their learning and growth throughout the experience. 

Application Process

Winter Quarter 2019 frosh seminar faculty who have a valuable ten-week opportunity for one or more current IntroSem students, should complete a proposal by Monday, March 4th.

The proposal form asks for the following information:

  • IntroSem Faculty Name(s)
  • Faculty Email(s)
  • IntroSem Course Title, Catalog Number, and Academic Term
  • Nominated Student Name(s)
  • Nominated Student Email(s)
  • Project Description: A brief description of the project you want to work on with your IntroSem student(s) next quarter. Please highlight what the student(s) will learn as a result of this experience.
  • Student Rationale: A brief explanation as to why you identified the student(s) for this project?
  • Mentoring Plans: A brief description about how you plan to provide mentoring and guidance for the collaboration.

                                                              SUBMIT AN INTROSEMS PLUS PROPOSAL 


For more information about the IntroSems Plus program, contact Lauri Dietz ( | 650.497.0964)

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