Supplemental Funding (Pre-Authorized, CDA, and CE Funds)

IntroSems offers three types of supplemental funding:

Pre-authorized Funds

All courses are pre-approved for $25 per individual (including tax and tip) for a class Mentoring Meal that brings you and your students together outside of class. We encourage invitations to your home, if possible, as this brings a personal dimension to the faculty/student interaction. Lunch at the Stanford Faculty Club also works very well. In addition, all courses are pre-approved for a Reunion Meal that brings you back together with your class after the quarter has ended (also $25/person, inclusive of tax and tip). Please note: No alcohol is permitted to be served or consumed at IntroSem activities or IntroSem events when students are present, regardless of the age of the students.

These pre-authorized expenses are handled on a reimbursement basis, so please save your receipts. Or, contact several days in advance of the event to arrange payment directly by IntroSems.

For reimbursement, submit itemized receipts and list of attendees to

In-class snacks or meals provided during class meetings are not eligible for reimbursement.

Course Development Assistance (CDA) funds

IntroSems instructors are eligible for a Course Development Assistance (CDA) grant to hire a student to assist with course preparations. Some faculty have hired undergraduate students who have previously taken their seminar, while others have selected graduate students, who gain valuable training in research and pedagogy working with IntroSems.

The CDA primarily supports faculty with organizational duties including arranging fieldtrips, guest speakers, setting up course websites/Canvas, gathering materials, and other course support. The CDA is not a TA or a CA and should not be grading or taking the place of an absent instructor, although they may supplement the instructor’s assistance in-class with hands-on projects. Teaching Assistant (TA) positions for classroom instruction are ineligible expenses; CDAs are not permitted to evaluate student work.

Logistical Details:

  • CDAs cannot be paid retroactively; we must process the paperwork to hire them BEFORE you assign them any work. Please contact us at least one week before you want the student to begin working.
  • These positions are paid hourly; a one-time payment is not available for this position.
  • Eligible for hourly pay up to $2,000, for up to 10 hours/week for 10 weeks.
  • Paid $15.50-$19.75/hr for undergraduate students and $19-$22/hr for graduate students. Instructors determine the specific rate based on the complexity of the task. Pay range is based on the university suggested scale.
  • In-state Requirement is WAIVED for Spring 2020 COVID-19 [Normally, CDA positions are only available to active Stanford students who are physically in California (we cannot hire out-of-state).]

To Request a CDA for your IntroSem, email Tina Harmon, with the course catalog number, student name and email, start and end date, maximum hours per week, and pay rate, at least one week before you wish the CDA to start work.

Course Enhancement (CE) Funds

Faculty teaching any IntroSem may request financial support for advising and group mentoring activities outside of class. These augmentation funds have been used to pay for field trips, group theater tickets, guest speakers, teaching equipment, and other creative course enhancements. Unlike Pre-Authorized Funds, Course Enhancement Funds require prior authorization.

More about Course Enhancement Funds:

  • Faculty must be present at all course enhancement events.
  • The activity must enrich the educational experience of the students in meeting the learning goals for your seminar; enhancements that we fund must be a mandatory part of the class.
  • Eligible expenses include field trips and special course materials needed for a hands-on activity led by the faculty.
  • Ineligible expenses include photocopying, books, course readers, equipment, any type of gift certificates, and any materials that students would normally be expected to purchase to complete the course.
  • Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis – the further in advance the better.
  • We welcome proposals with matching funding from departmental or individual sources.

Requests for Course Enhancement Funds should be emailed to Lauri Dietz, Associate Director in SIS. Please share a brief description of the activity, how the activity helps students meet course learning goals, when the activity occurs in the quarter (include a copy of the syllabus), and details on which items require funding. If known, please estimate costs. Preliminary inquiries are welcomed.