An LSP student holds a Leland Scholars sign.

Overview of Costs

The Leland Scholars Program is a fully-funded program, covering the costs of all program participants.

More Information


Once accepted, you will receive information on how to make travel arrangements.  From flying to driving, we cover costs for travel to and from Stanford.  This includes covering the costs for international students to participate in LSP.

Housing and Dining

During the program, you will live in on-campus housing and provided a meal plan. 


Since students are unable to gain summer earnings while participating in the 4-week program, we are able to provide a stipend (up to $800) for Leland Scholars who have an expected student contribution in their financial aid package. While most Leland Scholars qualify for the LSP stipend, please contact the Financial Aid Office to help determine your eligibility.

Lathrop Learning Hub Summer Intern Program (Interim on-campus housing and employment opportunity)

Students admitted into the LSP summer program will be invited to apply for this unique opportunity to remain at Stanford after the conclusion of LSP (August 31) until New Student Orientation (September 18). Up to 4 Leland Scholars will become summer interns. Housing and dining is provided while working full-time at approximately $15 an hour. Interns stay on the Lathrop Learning Hub team after the summer and work part-time throughout the academic year.