LSP Family

What people say about LSP

"There is something about this program that generates a community that you can't find elsewhere. Being comfortable around people who truly accept you as you while academically challenging you to better yourself is a very rare thing. Certainly nothing I had back home. I would advocate strongly this program to anyone! I couldn't imagine having to start stanford without the people I have met from LSP as my friends. I have a support system of people, friends, and faculty who are supporting me fully. That is one of many reasons to recommend LSP." - Student from Cohort II, Summer 2013

"I think that LSP really helped me gain confidence and comfort about coming to Stanford, and just coming to college overall. College is a big transition that I did not feel prepared for, and I was not sure that I was set to success. Now I have learned that even through my struggles I will have a support system and that I am capable to do really great things. Now I realize the things that I need to do to be successful and my fear has been replaced with excitement. I don't know if I would have felt the same way if I hadn't done the program. I feel like kids from underpriviledge backgrounds really need to know the guidance and support that is available to them, and I feel very lucky that I do now." -Student from Cohort II, Summer 2013

"As a prospective major in a STEM field and having attended an underresourced high school, I applied to LSP to understand the extent to which I am prepared for college-level rigor. I highly, strongly, [insert synonym] recommend this program if a student feels like they've started "too late in the game." Just because you didn't have the opportunity to do lab work in high school doesn't mean you don't have the capacity to learn in college, and LSP helped me to understand the availability and accessibility of all the resources on campus." -Student from Cohort II, Summer 2013

"LSP was a very positive experience for me and I think everyone could benefit from something like this. I think LSP is definitely a program for people interested in STEM specifically but the other advice and opportunities it gives is generally priceless." -Student from Cohort III, Summer 2014

"Anyone who is especially anxious about life at Stanford for whatever reason could benefit greatly from Leland Scholars. Through this program, we learn to better navigate through our freshman year and through college and general and gain a distinct advantage whereas before most of us were at a distinct disadvantage. Social mobility is a phenomenon facilitated by Stanford in many ways, and on a smaller scale, Leland Scholars perpetuates this ideal by ensuring that a handful of disadvantaged students are on par with their peers as they enter Stanford." -Student from Cohort II, Summer 2013

"Leland Scholars is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You gain family, friends, and mentors even before you're in school which is amazing. It is even more amazing considering that this is one of the best schools in the nation and were getting one on one mentoring from upperclassmen and top tier professors." -Student from Cohort III, Summer 2014

"For people from a low income background and public high school, LSP is amazing at helping people build a network of friends for support during the school year. The chemistry course taught very helpful study skills and gave us an idea of what a Stanford class would be like." -Student from Cohort III, Summer 2014

"The Leland Scholars Program is not just focused on getting us ready for school academically. They take into account our feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and fear. I love LSP because they want us to succeed and have done everything in their power to make us feel like we belong here. I would definitely recommend LSP to others!" -Student from Cohort II, Summer 2013

"At first I had my doubts about how much a 3 week summer program could actually change who I was, but this has truly been one of the most life-changing experiences of my life and I am so glad that I got to be apart of this family." - Student from Cohort III, Summer 2014

"The family like nature of the program, the willingness of everyone to help each other, the strong support system, the early introduction to the campus and getting to know my way around before hand all are things I would not have had without LSP. I feel like my mindset towards schoolwork and learning in general not just in the classroom has changed for the better partially due to LSP." -Student from Cohort III, Summer 2014