Preceptor Profiles


pre·cep·tor [ˈprēˌseptər]

1. noun. a person who guides, tutors, and provides direction.
2. noun. a current upperclass Stanford student passionate about mentoring incoming frosh!

Preceptors plan activities, tutor, mentor, advise and enhance the LSP experience while serving as residential staff during the summer program and as teaching assistants during the fall and winter seminar courses.

Photo of student Alice Artica

Alice Artica

Hi all!! My name is Alice Artica('22 she/her). I am studying Human Biology with a concentration in computational biology. I grew up in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and immigrated to the US when I was 12. Although I do not know what my future profession is going to be just yet, I am excited to explore the intersection of medicine, health, and computer science. I know I want to improve the healthcare system by serving and fighting for immigrant communities! On campus, I am involved with the Cardinal Free Clinics, do research with the Science Solution Lab, and also work with the Introsem department. On my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing tennis, and going to the gym. Welcome to the LSP family, and I am excited to meet you all :)

Photo of student Daniella Caluza

Daniella Caluza

Hi y'all! My name is Daniella (she/her), and I'm a rising senior majoring inComparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. I was born in the Philippines, but grew up in Stockton, CA. I'm currently unclear about what exactly it is I want to do, but I know I want to be able to give back to the communities I've come from. On campus, I'm involved in the Pilipino-American Student Union, and heavily involved in the FLI Community (FLIP, the FLI Office, FLI Con, you name it and I'm probably involved). Outside of that, you can usually find me having a good time with my friends, napping on Wilbur Field, or cooking in Okada's kitchen. I can't wait to meet you all - LSP has played such a huge role in my life at Stanford, and I am grateful to be a part of it again!

Photo of student Angela Gomez

Angie Gomez

Hello lovelies! I'm Angie Gomez ('22). I am double majoring in Sociology and Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. I grew up in the Central Valley (aka the forgotten bit of California) in a town called Salinas. In the future, I'd love to become a professor and research ways to promote equity and dismantle oppressive systems through community-based interventions, especially in education. I believe that everyone has knowledge to share and build upon outside of their school-based education. Besides research, other things I do on campus are volunteering with the Haas Center's education programs and working with the Student Alumni Council to foster student-alumni relations. In my free time, I like to curl up to read a good book, knit some new accessories, or try out new makeup styles. I can't wait to meet you all this summer!

Calvin Lin

Hey hey! My name is Calvin (he/him). I graduated from Stanford with my bachelor's in electrical engineering in 2019, but am sticking around to finish my master's in EE. I hail from Rowland Heights, CA, which is a small suburb in SoCal. I find issues like healthcare accessibility, education accessibility, and environmental protection deeply important to me. On my free time I enjoy climbing, backpacking, long boarding, and a nice reading session in a hammock. I'm also a space exploration junkie! Welcome to the LSP family!!!

Maximiño Manzanares Shay

Hola hola y’all! My name is Maximiño (any/all), and I am from Abiquiú, New Mexico. I absolutely love New Mexico, so if you ask me any question about my homestate (also known as ~The Land of Enchantment~) or hometown, you will make my heart smile. I am a rising junior still figuring out what I want to study, but I love music, psychology, storytelling, and education! On campus, I am an Oral Communication Tutor at the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking, and I have been involved with different music and theater groups. I love singing, playing guitar and piano, dancing, learning to embrace my ever-evolving queerness, embarking on impromptu adventures with friends, and appreciating the sunsets and the constellations that follow. I believe that there is a profound and healing strength in sharing our stories. When one person shares their story, others are inspired to do the same. So, wherever my journey leads me both within and beyond Stanford, I am intent on helping create spaces where folx can bring their full selves as they share their stories, learn, create, and heal. My time at Stanford has been wildly oversaturating, and my adjustment here is ongoing, but I have found sublime pockets of home in the people and communities I have met here. These pockets of home include studying in El Centro until 2am; learning about the murals in Casa Zapata; singing in Harmony House with Stanford Talisman, and hearing my friends’ laughter. However, I found one of my favorite homes at Stanford during my experience with LSP last year. TLDR, the friends, mentors, and other folx that I have met here radiate support, inspiration, and love, and they have been blessings that have forever changed my life. Similarly, each of you is a blessing to this University and to the people you will meet here. I am so excited to meet you all and share space with you! Keep radiating!!

Photo of student Emily Mendoza

Emily Mendoza

hiii! I’m Emily (she/her, ’21), and I was born and raised in Vallejo, CA and have moved around the Bay Area before coming to Stanford :D. I’m currently studying Human Biology while on the pre-med track! I’m interested in prioritizing the health and well-being of women, mothers, and children in under-resourced communities, as well as empowering communities through forms of creative activism in order to motivate storytelling, healing, and structural changes within the medical system that meet the needs of the individual. I enjoy creating new things and memories through visual art, writing, sculpture, or simply through visiting a new place or trying something new! At any moment you can find me giggling and chilling with friends, napping, playing video games, or making playlists heheh c: I am beyond excited to welcome you all to our family <3 The people in it and the ways in which we constantly support each other are literally a gem on Stanford’s campus!

Photo of student Paloma Moreno Jiménez

Paloma Moreno Jiménez

Henlooo :) My name is Paloma ('21, she/her). I'm a rising senior majoring in Urban Studies and thinking about minoring in Anthropology. I was born and raised in Tijuana BC, Mexico until my fam and I immigrated to San Diego in 2008. During the past three years, I've found my support systems in the Latinx, FLI (First-gen and Low-income), Queer (LGBTQ+), and Art communities at Stanford. I've had the opportunity to work at El Centro Chicanx/Latinx and the Institute for Diversity in the Arts, two of my favorite and homiest spaces on campus <3 I also took advantage of these past two years to study abroad in NY and Cape Town, South Africa and work abroad in Peru and Ecuador all on Stanford's $$$. I love listening to and telling stories, making trips around the bay for good food, clogging my last brain cells with BoJack Horseman & Love is Blind, and dancing to salsas, cumbias, reggaeton, 2000s classics, and Bella's lullaby from Twilight (a CLASSIC.) I'm so excited to get to know y'all and be a part of this new chapter of your lives!! My Stanford experience would not be the same without LSP, it's one of the most beautiful and precious communities here. I'm so grateful to have started Stanford surrounded by love and amazing folxs that believe in me and have pushed me to grow so much these last three years. I know the current circumstances are very difficult, especially for low-income families and individuals, but your LSP family is always here to support you. Welcome to the fam :) teehee

Photo of student Kevin Riera

Kevin Riera

Hey, y'all, I'm Kevin ('21, he/him), and I'm a rising senior majoring in Linguistic Anthropology. I was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. Academically, I've been interested in everything from Electrical Engineering to Human Bio (lol), but ended up choosing Anthropology because of how easily able I am to study the topics I am interested in, such as race, ethnicity, and language. On campus, I have been involved with the Student Immigrant Empowerment Project at Stanford (SIEPS), First-generation and/or Low-income Partnership (FLIP), and El Centro Chicano y Latino, to name a few. This upcoming year, I will also be an Ethnic Theme Associate at Casa Zapata – Stanford's Latinx themed dorm – which I am extremely excited about! When you meet me, one of the first things I will make known is that I'm Ecuadorian. I am very passionate about sharing my culture and doing things that remind me of home. I also really enjoy photography and listening to all types of music (my current favorite artists are Myke Towers and DaBaby). As others will probably say, one of the things that makes Stanford Stanford is the people, especially the FLI and LSP community. Can't wait to welcome y'all to this family!

Photo of student Jamie Seney

Jamie Seney

Hellooo! My name is Jamie (she/they) and I am majoring in Art Practice with the hope of figuring out the role of art in confronting and healing from trauma. I'm either from Nebraska or Montana or TBD, but wherever home is I'm sure it has many dogs and very blue skies. My favorite conversations are about constructing and conceiving realities, colors, music (ask me about my playlists PLEASE), and anything related to art. My aspiration is to do absolutely anything but a desk job; more specifically, being a full-time artist would be really fantastic. Fun fact: I came into Stanford as a STEM major with a particular interest in quantum physics...Ask me what changed.