Preceptor Profiles


pre·cep·tor [ˈprēˌseptər]

1. noun. a person who guides, tutors, and provides direction.
2. noun. a current upperclass Stanford student passionate about mentoring incoming frosh!

Preceptors plan activites, tutor, mentor, advise and enhance the LSP experience while serving as residential staff during LSP.

Riasoya Jodah

Photo of Riasoya Jodah

My name is Riasoya Jodah ('19) and I was born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana (one of the teeny countries on the Northeast coast of South America). I am a Human Biology major with a unlimited interest in global health and the human body. While trying to figure my life out, you can find me tucked away in the library, putting my body on the line with the Stanford Women's Rugby team, mentoring and empowering middle school girls in East Palo Alto, conducting experiments on fellow students in the exercise and physiology lab and searching for the next location of an event with free food. I am huge lover of dogs, food, books, Soca music, traveling and my family. LSP has made me feel at home away from home in the great big world that is Stanford and has filled my life with wonderful people. Now, I can't wait to welcome you, to help you find or make your own home here at Stanford and to support you through your next great trials and triumphs.

Arriana Jones

Hey y’all! My name is Arriana Jones (’19), and I am majoring in Environmental Systems Engineering with an urban focus. I’m interested in sustainable development, urban planning, and challenges in water resource management. I grew up in southern Arizona, and my passions include petting dogs (especially goldendoodles!!!!), consuming desserts, and serving the FLI (First-Gen and/or Low-Income) community here at Stanford. On campus, I am a student staff member in the Diversity & First-Gen Office (DGen), where I help plan and execute programs and events for the FLI community. LSP has been one of the most transformative parts of my Stanford experience, and I’m beyond excited to welcome new scholars to the family!


John R. Oberholzer

Hi friends! My name is John R. Oberholzer (’19, he/him and she/her). The most important thing about me is that I was born and raised in Oakland, CA and I LOVE my city. Besides that, I’m a double major in Chemistry and African & African American Studies. I’m passionate about issues of equity, especially for first-generation and/or low-income college students. And outside of trying to reconcile too many academic interests, I love my faith, music, dance, swimming, and many adventures in the outdoors. The FLI community at Stanford is my life, and I couldn’t be more excited to be joining LSP this summer!



Veronica Sanchez

Helloo! My name is Veronica Sanchez ('18) and I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering with an interest in micro/nano electro-mechanical systems (the future is sci-fi wild y'all!). So yeah, I guess I believe its all about the small things in life. You can catch me squealing over cute birds, sipping tea, smelling the flowers, and what not. I love to talk about new places to bike to and new music to listen to. Overall, I love the process of "making" and believe we can make a difference in the world by rethinking the way we make things and for who we make them. I am so excited to meet and learn from you all!

Michael Spencer

Hi ya'll!! My name is Michael Spencer ('20), Michael for short, and I'm majoring in Management Science & Engineering with a concentration in Operations and Analytics. I'm from Las Vegas most recently, but was born in Phoenix and have lived just about everywhere else. I'm extremely passionate about giving back to the communities that I've come from, and love to think about how business and data can be used to uplift people and communities. If I'm not studying and watching recorded lectures, I'm probably taking pictures of something on campus, or arguing with my friends about something pointless. LSP has been integral to my time here at Stanford, and I can't wait to welcome everyone into the FLamily.

Wint Thazin

Hello darlings! I’m Wint (‘20). I am majoring in Human Biology with a minor in Education and a minor in Spanish Language. I was born in Myanmar, a little-known Southeast Asian country, and immigrated to Tampa, Florida when I was two. Although, I don’t know exactly what I want to do, I know I want to serve under-resourced immigrant communities through health interventions and education. I believe that small acts of compassion can make unprecedented changes in individuals, families, and communities. In my free time, I enjoy practicing calligraphy, watercolor painting, writing spoken word poems, running, and cooking/baking. Fun fact: Farmer’s markets are my happy place. On campus, I am involved in Stanford Cooking Society, Dining Ambassadors, and educational workshops. I can’t wait to meet you all. See you this summer!

Romeo Umaña

Hey! My name is Romeo. I was born in ~actual~ Chicago and was raised most of my life in Miami, and I'm proudly Latinx. I'm a Senior majoring in Computer Science (but I might be switching to Urban Studies with a minor in Computer Science??). I'm passionate about socioeconomic justice, mental health advocacy, democratization of institutions, and educational equity. I want to be a high school math teacher at some point in the future, and I want to inspire the youth in my school to be change-makers in their communities - both local and global. Talk to me about urbanism, public transportation, the tech industry, and co-op life at Stanford (and beyond)! Fun Fact: I'm an ordained minister. LSP really made a difference in my time so far at Stanford, and I look forward to being able to give back to the program and have that same impact that my preceptors had on me.

Emily Uresti

Hi guys! My name is Emily Uresti and I use she/her/hers pronouns. I was born in Houston, Texas but I moved to Gulfport, Mississippi when I was 10 so unclear what I think of as my “hometown”. I am an art practice major with the hopes of working in either animation or music video production (or both???) one day. I am class of 2020, I adore LSP, I love cats AND dogs, I am going to staff Synergy next school year, I LOVE Steven Universe, I helped plan the first Stanford first-generation and/or low-income student conference, I am a member of Alpha Chi Omega, and I love long lists. Fun Fact: I can sing the entire Steven Universe soundtrack. If you ever get a chance to, ask me about the Leedle Game.

Erik Van

Hey there! My name is Erik (‘20), and my favorite phrase is “Adventure is out there!” from the greatest movie of 2009, Up. This quote captures some of the aspects I love most: adventure, possibility, and enthusiasm. Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona (ask me about our beautiful sunsets) in an under-resourced high school raised by two Vietnamese immigrants, I had never known what was around the corner. Yet, everyday I came in with an enthusiastic, ready-to-learn, and positive outlook. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was living my life by “Adventure is out there!” This is what I believe has gotten me to where I am today: an electrical engineering major with the hopes of one day playing with renewable energy. Outside of academics, I love challenging myself to learn new things! Despite not ever cheering before, I’m on the Varsity Stanford Cheer team! I also found myself coaching gymnastics for the Stanford Youth Club team. Disclaimer: prior to my first day of work, I’ve never step foot in a gymnastics gym before (*shrugs*). Fun Fact: During my freshman winter, I got stranded in Kansas the week before finals week, because the plane I was supposed to be one was broken. We ended up doing extreme yoga at the airport! Anyways, I’m absolutely stoked to be a preceptor and to welcome you to the Stanford family!