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Oral Communication Courses

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Tom Freeland teaching a course.


Our courses offer a comprehensive approach to speech communication that includes training in the fundamental principles of public speaking and the effective delivery of oral presentations. With the goal of enhancing students' general facility and confidence in oral expression, the program provides innovative, discipline-based instruction to help students refine their personal speaking styles in small groups and classroom settings.

Sample List of Public Speaking Courses 

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  • ORALCOMM 10C: Debate Club
  • ORALCOMM 105: Voice and Articulation Intensive for Non-Native English 
  • ORALCOMM 115: Voice Workshop (ORALCOMM 215)
  • ORALCOMM 117: The Art of Effective Speaking (ORALCOMM 217)
  • ORALCOMM 118: Public Speaking: Romancing the Room
  • ORALCOMM 119: Oral Communication Tutor Teaching Practicum
  • ORALCOMM 120: Conquering Screenfright: Presenting Online 
  • ORALCOMM 123: Crafting Concept Albums: Big Tales, Small Grooves, 
  • ORALCOMM 126: Oral Documentary Workshop
  • ORALCOMM 127: Introduction to Podcast Storytelling
  • ORALCOMM 129: Sound Stories
  • ORALCOMM 130: ORALCOMM: Your American Life
  • ORALCOMM 175: The Mythic Life (LIFE 175)
  • ORALCOMM 177: Performance of Power: Oratory and Authority from the 
  • ORALCOMM 215: Voice Workshop (ORALCOMM 115)
  • ORALCOMM 217: The Art of Effective Speaking (ORALCOMM 117)
  • ORALCOMM 219: Oral Communication for Graduate Students
  • ORALCOMM 220: Conquering Screenfright: Presenting Online