Explore PWR 1 & PWR 2 Courses

While following the same assignment sequence, PWR courses are offered in a large variety of themes designed to inspire you as a writer and researcher. As a central element of your PWR course, you will have the opportunity to pursue a research project on the topic of your choice, aligned with the class theme. 

Below is a representative list of PWR 1 and PWR 2 courses. Click on the links (where available) to find a course description video.  Please note: Not all themes are taught each quarter. 

PWR 1 Titles/Themes

PWR 1ABA Beyond! The Rhetoric of Space Exploration

PWR 1AH The Rhetoric of American Multicultural Experience

PWR 1BH A Seat at the Table-Rhetorics of Belonging

PWR 1BRB In Another’s Shoes: The Rhetoric of Empathy

PWR 1CA The Rhetoric of Gaming

PWR 1CK Investigating the News: Journalism, Technology & the Future

PWR 1CW Sporting Rhetoric: How We Talk About Sport and Why It Matters

PWR 1EE Prowling Toward Certainty: Exploration as Argument

PWR 1EI Watch Now: Rhetoric of Film and Television

PWR 1EP The Rhetoric of Global Development and Social Change

PWR 1GMD: A History of Innocence: Stories We Tell about America

PWR 1HK: Food Values: The Rhetoric of What and How We Eat

PWR 1HT What Are You, Anyway? The Rhetorics of Ethnic and Racial Identity

PWR 1IYA The Art and Science of Gender and its Bending

PWR 1JJA The Languages We Speak: Discourses of Language Diversity and Language Change

PWR 1JPA The Rhetoric of Liberal Arts Education

PWR 1JSA The Rhetoric of Plants

PWR 1KA The Rhetoric of Innovation: Transformations and Missed Opportunities

PWR 1KD The Feature Article: Writing and Change

PWR 1KR Trust, Rhetoric, and Writing

PWR 1KSB Health Matters: Health, Innovation, and Communication

PWR 1KTA "That's Entertainment!" The Rhetoric of Hollywood's Inequities

PWR 1LF #NoBodyIsDisposable: The Rhetoric of Disability

PWR 1LS Beyond the Achievement Gap: Writing about Education

PWR 1MA The Power of Words: Rhetoric of Social and Technological Changes

PWR 1MGE Numbers, Metrics, and Counting: The Rhetoric of Quantitative Thinking

PWR 1MO Imagining Technology: The Rhetoric of Humans and Machines

PWR 1NC From Green Cards to Gaming Avatars: Forms of Identity

PWR 1NF Language 2.0: Investigating the Rhetoric of Digital Language

PWR 1RD The Good Old Days: The Rhetoric of Nostalgia

PWR 1RLA Stuff of Nightmares: The Rhetoric of Fear

PWR 1RW Writing for Liberation: The Rhetoric of Antiracism

PWR 1SBB The Rhetoric of Robots and Artificial Intelligence

PWR 1SC Radical Acts of Art in Public: Rhetoric and Artivism

PWR 1SMC Beyond the Boundary: The Rhetoric of Maps, Borders, and Networks

PWR 1ST The Rhetoric of Biomedical Ethics

PWR 1TB Hashtag Activism

PWR 1TD Anatomy of a Discipline: Rhetorics of Health, Illness, and Medicine

PWR 1TSD Seismic Shifts: The Rhetoric of Disruption

PWR 1VK: The Rhetorics of Trauma



PWR 2 Theme/Title


PWR 2AB Makers, Crafters, Hackers: The Rhetoric of DIY

PWR 2AG The Rhetoric of Film Criticism

PWR 2AH Ethnic Narratives and the Rhetoric of American Identity

PWR 2BRC: Re-Make It Anew: The Rhetoric of Adapting, Rebooting, and Remaking

PWR 2CA Networked Rhetoric: Communities, Collaboration, and Communication

PWR 2CKA Rhetoric of Distraction

PWR 2CWB Hear/Say: The Art of Rhetorical Listening

PWR 2DHA Action Research: Making Time for Social Justice

PWR 2DHB Feel Me? The Rhetoric of Empathy, Its Limitations and Alternatives

PWR 2EE Once Upon a Cause: Producing Picture Books for Local Children

PWR 2EI Copying, Memeing, Modding, and Pirating: Rhetorics of (Un)Originality

PWR 2GMG If Words Were Enough: Poetics and Rhetoric

PWR 2HK Think Global: The Rhetoric of Global Citizenship

PWR 2HLA Communicating Your Research: Meaningful Academic Writing and Speaking

PWR 2HT Speaking Ironic Truth to Power: The Rhetoric of Satirical Protest

PWR 2IY Many Faces of Sherlock: Race, Gender, Power, and the Rhetoric of the Detective

PWR 2JJ The Rhetoric of Language, Identity and Power

PWR 2JPB Curated Reality: How Media Shape What We Know

PWR 2JW What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

PWR 2KDC Myth and the Contemporary: Talking Across Two Worlds

PWR 2KR Propaganda and Rhetoric

PWR 2KSB Design Thinking: Bringing d.thinking to Research, Writing & Presentation

PWR 2KTA A Rebel With A Cause: The Rhetoric of Giving a Damn

PWR 2MA What’s Your Major? The Rhetoric of Interdisciplinarity

PWR 2MGD Silicon Valley and the Future of Work: Rhetoric of Labor Utopias and Dystopias

PWR 2RL The Rhetoric of the Natural and Beyond

PWR 2SC Are We There Yet?: The Rhetoric of Mobility

PWR 2SN Rhetoric of Activism

PWR 2SPB Hope, Health, and Healing: The Rhetoric of Medicine

PWR 2STA Ethics and AI

PWR 2TB Hip Hop, Orality, and Language Diversity

PWR 2TN Sound and Vision: The Rhetoric of Music Documentaries

PWR 2TSC All the Feels: The Rhetoric of Emotion

PWR 2VKA Rhetoric of Public Monuments and Memorials

PWR 2WG All the Jazz: The Rhetoric of American Musical Theater