Plan for PWR



Leave room on your study list for the 4 units you’ll need for your PWR section: don’t enroll in more than 16 units before your PWR section assignment appears on your Axess study list.

Completing Your PWR Preference Form

In ranking your preferences, consider which sections would work best with your overall schedule. PWR courses meet 2 times a week (MW or TTh) for 105 minutes. Try to leave room in your schedule for at least 3 or 4 options as you start to set up your study list; the greater the number of time slots you include in your preference form, the better your chances of getting a section that will fit easily into your schedule. It is not possible for every student to get their top choice, so make sure you have a few options that will work for you.

Please note that it’s fine if you have your Thinking Matters course and your PWR 1 course scheduled in the same quarter.  Many students find that the two courses complement each other well in terms of the types of writing and intellectual work students do in them.


In addition to thinking about which sections best match your schedule, consider which themes most intrigue you. Watch course videos and read through the written descriptions on our Explore PWR Courses site.  Keeping scheduling constraints in mind, select seven sections which most appeal to you, whether because their topics relate to your intended field of study or offer you an opportunity to engage with issues or ideas that you haven’t had the opportunity to work with previously in an academic context. Keep in mind that PWR instructors welcome connecting issues that matter to you with the theme of the course--whatever that theme may be.

With so many students in each quarter, it is not possible for every student to get their top choice, however if you get one of your lower ranked choices, don’t worry: PWR courses share the same required assignment sequence, offer individual conferences for major assignments, feature comparable classroom activities, and require roughly the same amount of work.  Most importantly, the focus on writing, revision, rhetoric, and research is consistent across all PWR sections.


You can’t “shop” PWR by attending multiple sections.  If you miss any of the first two days of your assigned class, you will be in jeopardy of being dropped from the section, and you cannot be added to another section by going to that section. (If you miss both of the first two days you will be dropped automatically.) You need to be in your assigned class, on time, to avoid being dropped.  If you have an unavoidable health issue or a complication with your travel schedule, send an email message to the instructor and BEFORE class begins to explain why you will be absent. If you have been dropped, you must petition to re-enroll in the section. You can only be added back onto the class roster if space is available.

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