PWR Enrollment Dates and Deadlines

Section Preferences Deadlines for Academic Year 2021-2022









Autumn Section Preferences

August 18

September 1, 5:00pm (Pacific Time)

September 3

Winter Section Preferences

November 15

December 1, 5:00pm (Pacific Time)

December 3

Spring Section Preferences

February 15

March 1, 5:00pm (Pacific Time)

March 3


Section Preferences and Assignment

  • Each quarter, students assigned to that quarter will be invited to rank their top 7 section preferences.
  • All students need to complete their section preferences by the preference deadline in order to receive a section assignment. (The PWR office handles enrollment through Axess for students-remember to leave space for the 4 PWR units on your study list.)
  • Any student who does not receive an assignment should contact
  • Any student who misses the preference deadline needs to contact There is no guarantee a student will be placed in a section if they miss the preferences deadline.

If you need to change your section after your initial assignment, contact for options. Due to availability, a change may not be possible. Please keep your schedule in mind when submitting preferences. Also, please do not request a change of section based on seat availability showing on Explore Courses/Axess. Due to our enrollment system, seat availability information is not accurate.  

Quarter changes are not allowed after section assignment.

Quarter Change Petitions Deadlines 

You can use the online petition button found here to request a change in your assigned PWR quarter, however once you have been assigned to a specific PWR section, you cannot petition to change your quarter assignment online. 

Deadlines for quarter changes are:

Autumn quarter (PWR 2 only*): September 1

Winter quarter: December 1

Spring quarter: March 1  

Note: requests to change quarters to the following year are only granted for exceptional circumstances. 


If it is necessary to change your quarter after these deadlines, please contact

* Online quarter change petition is not open for frosh assigned to Autumn quarter PWR 1. They must consult with their academic advisor about their study list, have compelling academic reasons for changing their PWR quarter, and then email