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Before Axess opens for enrollment, students will receive an email with details regarding submitting section preferences. 

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Petition to Change Your PWR Quarter


Special Note: The online petition period is not open for PWR 1 at this time.  Incoming frosh must speak with their academic advisor about their study list, have compelling academic reasons for changing their PWR quarter, and then write to request the change.

Petitions to change quarters are evaluated based on the availability of space in any given quarter. If your petition is denied, it is most likely due to a lack of space in the requested quarter. You can email and request to be put on a waitlist for the quarter. Petitions moving your PWR section to the following year are typically not approved as PWR courses are designed to be taken in a specific year of study (PWR 1 frosh year; PWR 2 sophomore year). If you have special circumstances, please email

Please note: quarter change requests are not granted after section assignment. Once you've been assigned a section, petitions to change quarters will be evaluated only for cases of health issues or compelling academic reasons. In most other cases, you will need to take your PWR class as assigned. 

To submit your request online

Please note: Once you have been assigned to a specific PWR course, you cannot petition to change your quarter assignment online (see above).

  1. Click on the “Change PWR Quarter” link below (this link will not work for PWR 1; see note above)
  2. Request the change, including a description of the specific health or academic reason for your request
  3. You should receive a confirmation email upon submitting your request. If you did not, please try again (using another internet browser might help as well).
  4. You will receive a decision within 10 business days

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