Enrolling in PWR

Enrolling in PWR

PWR Enrollment is handled through the PWR Office. Students are invited through email to rank their top seven PWR preferences. Section preferences are not accommodated on a first come, first served basis. All preferences submitted by the deadline are treated equally. Students can make changes to their top 7 as often as they'd like before the deadline. Students are assigned to a PWR section after the section preference window closes. Enrollment is handled by the PWR office. Students cannot enroll via Axess or Simple Enroll. Seat availability information showing on Axess/Explore Courses is not accurate for PWR courses.

Steps to Enroll in PWR Sections

Look over the timeline for submitting your section preferences and petitions to change your quarter or section

Confirm your current PWR quarter assignment or request to change your PWR assignment to a different quarter

(Quarter assignments cannot be changed after you've received a section assignment)

Get advice about how to select PWR section preferences that work best with your schedule and interests

Rank your top seven preferences for PWR sections to receive your section assignment for the current quarter

PWR Student working at her computer.

Use this option to submit a request to change your section assignment due to a scheduling conflict

Questions about the enrollment process? Visit this page for answers