PWR Undergraduate Advisory Board

Introduction to the PWR UAB

The PWR Undergraduate Advisory Board (UAB) is composed of Stanford students interested in helping make PWR better. The UAB advises and consults with PWR about ways to improve the program. Its mission is to examine and recommend changes to the student experience in PWR. The Board also serves as a channel of communication between undergraduates and PWR program and faculty, helping call attention to exceptional teaching and undergraduate writing.

Overview of the PWR UAB

The UAB has contributed in important ways to changing how students experience PWR. Its members have facilitated the following:

  • Suggested a new design for the section descriptions posted online so they are easier to review. Now descriptions list theme information and assignments separately. Each description is linked to the instructor’s online profile.
  • Reviewed PWR section descriptions every quarter to see how they might better appeal to students.
  • Consulted on the PWR Self-Study project by giving advice about survey questions. Members helped design the focus groups and helped with advertising.
  • Led the initiative to train WIM tutors in the Hume Center for Speaking and Writing.
  • Shared their wisdom about the pacing and assignment sequence with instructors at PWR Orientations. Their suggestions were key to changes made to PWR 2, helping the Program standardize the workload and assignments in the PWR second-year course.
  • Attended PWR program meetings to tell instructors what the “word on the street” is regarding how students feel about certain assignments and changes in the Program.
  • Inspired Thinking Matters and Creative Writing to start Undergraduate Boards.

Joining the PWR UAB

Students interested in joining the PWR UAB should send an email message to UAB Advisor Becky Richardson. The PWR UAB is composed of both elected officials as well as general members. You can serve for just a quarter or the rest of your time at Stanford.

Contact the PWR Undergraduate Advisory Board Advisors at the above email addresses if you would to like to bring issues, concerns, or ideas about PWR to the board's attention or if you would just like to make your voice heard in PWR.