Notation in Science Communication

What people say about NSC

"At my current internship, I'm constantly finding these skills coming into play, whether it be when writing documentation for code, crafting design documents, keeping track of my work progress in a wiki, or giving presentations about my work to people outside of my team. I'm really seeing that communication is perhaps the single most critical part of being a software engineer -- even more so than one's technical ability."

"By providing space for interdisciplinary exploration, these courses and their professors inspired me to think more about what role science communication will play in my future career as a physician-writer. How does our slice of science relate to everyday life and the sociopolitical landscape of our audiences? These are important questions to consider and are rarely, if ever, considered in basic science classes on campus."

"The NSC program was an extremely valuable component of my professional and personal growth at Stanford for two reasons.  First, the NSC coursework provided a focused forum for critical thinking about and skill development in written and oral science communication.  Second, the process of NSC portfolio development provided a structured opportunity for reflection on my growth as a science communicator, and thereby shaped my career planning and aspirations for academic leadership post-Stanford."

"The NSC's focus on tying together my science communication experiences from my time at Stanford was most helpful.  It was really fun to take a step back and, in a 'meta' sense, analyze what my science communication work had taught me and why."

About the Notation in Science Communication

NSC Students

The Notation in Science Communication (NSC) is a multi-year program that combines coursework, advising and reflection to help selected science and engineering students develop strong communicative literacy.