Immersion in the Arts: Living in Culture (ITALIC)

ITALIC uses art as the frame for discussing big ideas. Freshmen who participate in this yearlong academic program will be part of a tight-knit community, living together and attending classes in Stern Hall’s Burbank House residence. You’ll look closely at the integration of arts across the university and in the world outside, examining how art can illuminate or challenge categories of knowledge—history, politics, culture, science, medicine, and law. ITALIC fosters close exchanges with faculty, visiting artists, and fellow students. Immersed in the arts, you’ll analyze major works of the visual, performing and filmic arts; sharpen your perceptual skills; and tap into your own channels of creative expression. Turning an aesthetic lens on life’s ordinary and exceptional features, ITALIC asks: How do the arts provide new ways of thinking about our world and ourselves? To learn more about the program, see the recent Stanford News and San Francisco Chronicle profiles of ITALIC.
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