Janice Ross (theater and performance studies, ITALIC Director)

Janice Ross

Professor Ross works in Dance Studies, with a particular interest in the social and cultural importance of dance historically and in the contemporary moment. Her research interests include Dance in Prison and Ballet in Soviet Russia, subjects that have more in common than one might think.

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Jonathan Berger (music)

Jonathan Berger

Jonathan Berger is the Denning Family Provostial Professor in Music. His work (at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics) elides music composition and research on the perception and cognition of music.

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Scott Bukatman (art and art history)

Scott Bukatman

Professor Bukatman teaches in the Film and Media Studies Program, and his research highlights the ways in which popular media (film, comics) and genres (science fiction, musicals, superhero narratives) mediate between new technologies and human perceptual and bodily experience. His latest book is The Poetics of Slumberland: Animated Spirits and the Animating Spirit, and it makes a great gift.

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Aaron Shkuda (ITALIC Assistant Director)

Aaron ShkudaDr. Shkuda is a historian whose research focuses on the role of the arts in urban development. His currently finishing a book on the history of New York's SoHo neighborhood, the place where artists created one of the postwar era’s first gentrified neighborhoods, and invented a model for arts-driven urban development worldwide.


Michael Shane Boyle (Lecturer)

Michael Shane BoyleDr. Boyle’s research focuses on aesthetic theory, contemporary film and theater, and the role of art in social movements. He is currently writing a book that examines how activists in 1960s West Germany turned to performance to engage the consequences of postwar reconstruction and the legacy of Nazism. In addition to his academic research, Dr. Boyle has worked in the theater, and is currently adapting EP Thompson’s The Making of the English Working Class for the stage.


Hillary Miller (Program in Writing and Rhetoric Instructor)

Hillary Miller

Dr. Miller’s research investigates the relationship between theater and the city, and her current project looks at spatial inequities and community identity in arts neighborhoods during the 1970s fiscal crisis in New York City. As a playwright, she is committed to exploring different techniques to construct dramatic narratives.