Key Facts for Prospective Students

What is ITALIC?

ITALIC is an arts-minded, residence-based academic program for first year students.  It explores the cognitive, social, cultural, and aesthetic connections between the arts, the individual, and societies. You’ll analyze major works of the visual, performing and filmic arts; sharpen your perceptual skills; and tap into your own channels of creative expression. Turning an aesthetic lens on life’s ordinary and exceptional features, ITALIC asks: How do the arts provide new ways of thinking about our world and ourselves?

How many units is ITALIC?

ITALIC satisfies the Thinking Matters requirement, PWR1, and four Ways breadth requirements (both Aesthetic and Interpretive Inquiry requirements, Creative Expression, and Engaging Diversity). Thus, ITALIC students earn a total of 16 units for the year: 4 units during two quarters and 8 units in the quarter during which you fulfill your PWR requirement during the separate, writing-intensive PWR class associated with ITALIC. This gives you freedom to take two to three additional classes outside of ITALIC each quarter.

What’s the format of the class?

Each week, you'll attend two lectures and two discussion sections.  During one of the three quarters of the year, you'll take a separate course on writing, Stanford's Program in Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) class. Lectures are given by ITALIC faculty, teaching staff, and artists and scholars from across the campus and region. Assignments will include academic papers as well as arts projects done both individually and in groups.

Where do ITALIC students live?

ITALIC students live and learn together in Burbank House, part of the all-frosh Stern Hall, on the east side of Stanford’s campus.

Is ITALIC just for artists?

No, ITALIC welcomes frosh of all academic interests and talents—no previous art experience necessary. If you already love to study or create any medium of art, though, you can continue through ITALIC.