News and Updates

Check out SoCo 2019 on Instagram for a glimpse into the program. Expect SoCo 2020 courses to be announced in February. Applications to staff SoCo are due Wednesday, 19 February.

Frosh, thinking ahead? For 2020, applications open 1 March, are due April 7. Results posted 1 May; so plenty of time to see whether other summer plans can combine with SoCo. Lots of them can, but you'll need to keep Sunday, 30 August through Friday, 18 September clear to immerse yourself in your SoCo class.

What is SoCo?

SoCo seminars provide an immersive learning experience, and are the sole focus for students during the program. Seminars take place between August 30, 2020 and September 18, 2020; schedules and specific meeting times are determined by faculty, may include evenings and weekends, and often update and evolve during the program.