Welcome, Class of 2024!

Sophomore College is an immersive 3-week residential program that cultivates academic and social connections to develop rich intellectual communities. Students focus on a single class and meet daily in seminar-sized (10-15) classes with Stanford faculty for lecture and discussion, to work in labs, participate in community-based learning, go on fieldtrips, and engage in a range of other activities that facilitate in-depth mentoring relationships. About 200 Sophomores participate in SoCo which typically offers 18-20 classes, some including extended travel off-campus. Learn More at SoCo for Admitted Students…

Is SoCo 2021 Happening?

We hope to offer SoCo 2021! We are waiting to get a better sense of what might be possible during September 2021 and whether and how we would need to adapt SoCo for the current situation. We expect to announce further plans in March, maybe late in February.



What is SoCo?

SoCo seminars provide an immersive learning experience, and are the sole focus for students during the program. Seminars take place during the last three weeks of summer break; schedules and specific meeting times are determined by faculty, may include evenings and weekends, and often update and evolve during the program.

Check out SoCo 2019 on Instagram for a glimpse into the program.