Sophomore College is Suspended for 2020

In Sophomore College, residential living and experiential learning are the key factors distinguishing the courses from courses you might take during the academic year. Rather than go online, we have chosen to pause the program for a year. SoCo will resume in 2021.


It is not possible for Stanford to sponsor undergraduate travel this summer, and the Provost's message of 2 April 2020 further signaled that all undergraduate summer programs must transition to virtual opportunities. As we do not feel that an online format will allow us to achieve the mission of Sophomore College, SoCo 2020 will not happen. SoCo will resume in 2021.



What is SoCo?

SoCo seminars provide an immersive learning experience, and are the sole focus for students during the program. Seminars take place during the last three weeks of summer break; schedules and specific meeting times are determined by faculty, may include evenings and weekends, and often update and evolve during the program.

Check out SoCo 2019 on Instagram for a glimpse into the program.