For Graduate SCA Applicants

Graduate Students applying to be SCAs use a different application process than undergraduate students. (Coterms, please use VCA if it allows you to log in.) The details of being an SCA are the same, but applications are submitted through a webform. You must be logged into your Stanford google account to access the form.  

Grads Apply Here 


Graduate students, please make sure that you have read the details if you are interested in applying. In addition, please be aware that:

  • Although graduate students may have local housing during the summer, they are still required to live in the program residence with their students for the first two weeks of the program. (And although graduate students may live in San Francisco or Oakland or at a similar distance, they will nevertheless be expected to be very present during the third week of the program after campus housing ends.)
  • Although graduate students are almost always over 21, they are nevertheless required to commit to the substance-free community within Sophomore College.
  • SCA is an immersive commitment that does not allow for other commitments during the short-term immersive program--even personal obligations on weekends may present a conflict and should be discussed before committing to the position.

New to the Stanford Undergraduate Experience?

SoCo borrows many community-building techniques from the undergraduate experience at Stanford; while graduate SCAs may not be familiar with these, we will discuss them in SCA training before the start of the program. You may be interested in these articles for context on the undergraduate residential experience at Stanford: 

Professional Development for Graduate Students

Serving as a Sophomore College Assistant can be excellent professional development for doctoral students or any grad student who expects to work in a university. The program introduces you to the wider world of undergraduate education and builds interpersonal and administrative skills as well as intellectual and pedagogical expertise. Programs similar to SoCoeither in their immersive short-term nature, or in the residential living-learning community aspectare a significant movement in higher education, and being an SCA offers a compact introduction to these issues, and the beginnings of a network.

Closed Courses

Please be aware that certain courses are not accepting applications online, as faculty have recruited SCAs directly.