Waitlisted? Didn't Apply? Second Round Applications

Second-Round Applications

Courses with open spaces or short waitlists will continue to accept second-round applications after the first deadline of April 7. Students interested in many topics may add applications for 4th, 5th, or 6th classes in the second round.

Waitlisted, Not Accepted, and Space Available Seminars

If there are still seminars with spaces available in early May, students who were declined or waitlisted in the original application round will also be invited to apply in second-round applications. If you aren’t sure which applies to you, check your status at vcasc.stanford.edu after status is released in early May.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Off the Waitlist?

Most faculty create a general waitlist pool and will select students from the waitlist based on the goal of shaping a vibrant and diverse seminar learning community, and not on a formal ranking system. We will contact you should a space become available for you.

There is likely to be waitlist movement around 6 May, as schedule conflicts and changed plans may lead to students declining spots before the confirmation deadline of Tuesday, May 5 (11:59pm). Most rosters are fairly stable after that point. Barring unforeseen emergencies, we don’t anticipate spaces opening up after mid-May. 

If you are interested in submitting an application(s) for Space Available Seminars, we encourage you to do so, as your odds of participating in SoCo are much higher than moving off a waitlist.