Spanish Immersion: Language and Community

Learn to dream in Spanish, and work closely with the Spanish-speaking community in the Bay Area.

First year of college Spanish or the equivalent.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly increase your Spanish proficiency through an intensive immersion experience right here at Stanford? Wouldn’t you love to gain the cultural and historical knowledge necessary to begin taking film, literature, and culture courses generally reserved for advanced students? This intensive Spanish immersion course is designed to help students who have completed a year of Spanish to move forward quickly toward greater linguistic and cultural competence.

After a year of Spanish, students tend to be able to handle straightforward interactions related to basic needs and personal information, but they generally lack the ability to handle more abstract discussions or to combine short utterances into longer presentations of their ideas. Most students likewise have little knowledge of the rich and complex history that surrounds the Spanish language or the central role that Spanish has played in the cultural, artistic, and political life of California.

In this course, a team of experienced instructors will help students improve their Spanish through intensive lessons that incorporate film, literature, and social issues. Through a focused discussion of the themes of immigration and democracy in Spain, Latin America, and the United States, as well as excursions and guest lectures by Stanford faculty and community leaders, this course will immerse students in Spanish and help them to gain advanced proficiency much more quickly.

COVID Caveats

If in-person SoCo is not possible, this course will be offered virtually. In a virtual format, experiential learning might include a virtual cooking lesson.

Meet the Instructor(s)

Hae-Joon Won


Hae-Joon Won grew up in Peru, Colombia, and Puerto Rico, and received a Ph.D. from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the highest recognition of Apto “cum laude”. Her specialty is Spanish Golden Age literature with emphasis on drama of the 17th century. She has been teaching at Stanford since 1999 and coordinates the First Year Accelerated program. She also teaches at the Continuing Studies Program at Stanford. In addition to her professional pursuits she enjoys archery, yoga, hiking and traveling.

Citlalli Del Carpio

Citlalli Del Carpio has taught Spanish language at Stanford since 2005 and specializes in Mexican culture. Since 2016 she has designed and taught a Spanish Cardinal Course in which includes the understanding of Stereotypes in Latino Soap Operas, the Poetry in the Spanish Culture, and how Spanish speaking immigrants transfer their culture in the World. She has also taught at UC Santa Cruz, San José State University, and Arizona State University, where she earned an MA in Spanish language and culture. She was the Spanish editor at, and has published articles on Latino film and culture in La Opinión and other Spanish language newspapers in the U.S. Citlalli is an active member of The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), and a board member of The Foreign Language Association of Northern California (FLANC).