After You're Accepted

Spring Deadlines for 2021

  • Application Status Released: Friday, June 4
  • Confirmation Deadline: Monday, June 7
  • Final Deadline to Withdraw without financial penalty: does not apply in 2021, but if you wish to Withdraw, you MUST inform us.
  • Pick Up Textbooks: if you are on campus, expect an email in late June or early July to go pick up textbooks. If you are off-campus, the bookstore will ship them. (SoCo pays for textbooks)
  • Enrollment Period Begins: SoCo will manage SoCo enrollment directly. Expect to see the class appear on your student list around mid-July.
  • Attend Spring Course Meeting: Look out for an email about a Class Orientation Meeting in mid-late June

Confirmation and the SoCo Commitment

You'll receive an email to let you know to check your status at  If you are ACCEPTED, you must CONFIRM your intent to participate at by the Confirmation Deadline. When you CONFIRM you will see the SoCo Contract of Participation, and confirming indicates your acceptance of this Contract; not confirming by this deadline jeopardizes your spot, which may be given to a waitlisted student.

Confirming will also require you to answer a set of questions--this is the time to tell us about any special arrangements, dietary needs, or OAE accommodations you may need.

Learn more about accommodation requests


If you have been accepted to a seminar and you are unable to participate, you must decline your spot in the seminar at When you decline, we will offer the spot to the next student on the waitlist.

Withdrawal Policy

If you have confirmed your spot in a seminar and can no longer participate you must withdraw from the program by emailing:  

Read about withdrawing from the program

Storage and Summer Housing

Pack Light! For SoCo, you need to bring bedding/towels, clothes, and required class supplies. That's it.

If you are in an on-campus SoCo class, you will need to move everything you bring with you to your autumn housing in the middle of the program during Get Your Move On. If you choose to bring your lamp, etc, you'll need to tote that across campus! You'll be in a double, so space may also be tight.

We strongly recommend that you put belongings in summer storage or ship them home, to be delivered to you after you move into autumn housing. Early storage reservations are recommended. (Note: Storage is considered a personal expense. Sophomore College staff cannot accept any mail or packages, and will not accept financial responsibility for such packages.)

Bedding and other necessary personal supplies are not provided by Sophomore College. Be sure to bring these with you. If you choose to purchase a linen package upon arrival,  it is a cash-only transaction at the housing front desk. 

Already staying here for the summer? Look carefully at when your summer housing ends—it is not possible to move into SoCo housing early as the rooms are occupied by other conferences. If you are staying on campus, the 10-week housing contract should allow you to move from summer housing into program housing without a gap. All students must live in program housing for the first two weeks of the program, no exceptions.

Consult housing for more information on summer housing.

Wondering where you live or what program events are part of SoCo? Check out the following pages: