Dustin Schroeder and Devon Ryan

Dustin Schroeder, Asst. Prof. of Geophysics and Devon Ryan, Communications Manager for the Woods Institute

Dustin Schroeder and Devon RyanAs Communications Manager at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, Devon Ryan works to bring knowledge to action by connecting Stanford University researchers and their work with journalists, decision-makers and other key constituents. Whether focusing on climate adaptation, emissions reduction, conservation, or other important environmental topics, Devon puts her skills into action because communicating effectively across audiences is key to leveraging research and informing decision making. Originally from Texas, she has a background in state and federal environmental policy and transit. Her interests include gardening, local politics, and cats.

Dustin Schroeder is an Asst. Professor of Geophysics in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences and an Asst. Professor (by courtesy) of Electrical Engineering. He is a glaciologist who uses radar to study Antarctica and Greenland and their response to a changing climate as well as the potential habitability of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa. For him, the deliberate integration of science and engineering is the most powerful and satisfying way to approach questions in Earth and planetary science. A first-generation college student, Dusty is passionate about mentorship and Science Olympiad, as well as connecting science, engineering, and the liberal arts, He also loves cooking Italian-American food.