Emily Shewmaker and Emily Fay

Emily Shewmaker, Associate Director of Programs and Grants (VPUE) and Emily Fay, Student Services Manager in the department of Psychology

Emily Shewmaker and Emily FayEmily Shewmaker writes: Hi there! I’m the Associate Director of Programs and Grants for the VPUE Undergraduate Research Team. My work primarily focuses on research policy advising with a dash of programming for the undergraduate community. In my past Stanford life, I worked in conjunction with ResEd to support the undergraduate residential experience and helped onboard Resident Assistants. I enjoy anything food related, discussions that promote equality, nerding out over anime/video games/music, submerging myself in different cultural norms via travel, and leisurely walks through museums.

My favorite things about Emily Fay are:

1) Her name  2) The fact that we pretty much have ESP (Emily Sensory Perception)  3) How she always puts students first and knows how to make any social space feel immediately comfortable. She is one of my absolute favorite humans and makes the world a happier place by just existing.

Emily Fay writes: I'm the Student Service Manager in the department of Psychology. My role focuses on supporting Psychology Ph.D. students and postdocs, as well as collaborating with colleagues to support the undergraduate major, minor, honors, and curriculum. In the past, I've worked with Stanford undergraduate research grants and in residential education (at MIT). I have a Master's degree in English lit, so it's no surprise that I love reading, writing, puns, and stories! I also enjoy games, musical theater, and yoga. Mostly, I chase my 2 little kids around. My favorite thing about Emily Shewmaker is that she works hard and plays hard. She is super fun, always keeps things real, and will help you to solve any problem. 10/10 would friend again.