ESF Courses


  • Structure of ESF: The ESF seminar meets once per week for an hour 15 minutes. The writing workshop will meet twice per week for an hour and 50 minutes each session. The plenary meets on Fridays for 90 minutes.
  • ​About the seminars: ESF consists of a linked seminar and writing section, described below. Participating students will enroll in one seminar, taught by a faculty member from the featured discipline (or disciplines, in the case of team taught seminars). Each seminar has its own syllabus, reflecting the expertise, interests, and passions of the faculty, as well as their own takes on the common theme of self-fashioning through education. Each seminar will have two sections with a maximum of 15 students each.
  • Requirements fullfilled: All ESF courses fulfill at least one of the WAYS distribution requirements as well as the THINK and PWR requirement.


  • ESF students will be enrolled to their ESF course by August 1. The first set of request for changes will be processed, Friday, August 10. Please refer to the THINK/ESF enroll page for additonal information on requesting a change and to view the enrollment calendar. The ESF program is oversubsribed and the wait list is full. For students in the ESF waitlist, you will be notified if a space becomes available and the first person to respond will be offered the position upon confirmation.
  • Non-ESF students may enroll in ESF 50 to receive one unit for attending all lectures. 

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