Welcome from Cheryl A. Brown, Director of Frosh 101

Welcome Frosh!

hope you enjoy Frosh 101! This new program offers students a place to be seen, heard, and validated as they build a strong community with their peers. This course also allows frosh to learn from upper-class students who can help guide them through the chaos of their first quarter at Stanford. We hope Frosh 101 provides students with the social and emotional support needed to thrive in and out of the classroom at Stanford. I am very excited to work with our Program Coordinators, Sydney Osifeso '17 and Joy Robinson '18 and Frosh 101 leaders who are very excited to meet you.

For more information about Frosh 101 please contact us at  frosh101program@stanford.edu.

Have a great first year!

Cheryl A. Brown, Ph.D.

About Cheryl A. Brown, Frosh 101 Director

Cheryl A. Brown is the Director of Frosh 101 at Stanford. Cheryl is also a Resident Fellow in Meier Hall. Prior to joining the VPUE staff as the Director of Frosh 101 she spent eight years teaching and advising students as the Associate Director for the Program in African and African-American Studies at Stanford. While in this role Cheryl received two awards chosen by students.  In 2011, Cheryl received the “Faculty/Staff Mentor Award” at the Black Community Services Center award ceremony. In 2012, she received the “Teacher of the Year” award from the ASSU. As director of Frosh 101 she will utilize the knowledge she gained teaching and living with frosh as a resident fellow to create unique opportunities to support frosh and their families as they navigate their first year at Stanford. Her passion for enhancing student experiences and outcomes began early in her career and led her to earn an MA and Ph.D. in Higher Education and Organizational Change from UCLA where she focused on understanding how universities' policies and practices impact students' experiences. Cheryl also holds a BA and MA in African American Studies and enjoys helping students navigate the diversity that exists on campuses like Stanford. Cheryl's work has focused on the development and implementation of programs and classes where students are comfortable being authentic, expressing their interests and building relationships. Cheryl believes this is at the heart of Frosh 101. In addition to working with students, Cheryl enjoys raising her two children on Stanford's campus with her husband. As a family they enjoy life on "The Farm", biking to sporting events, and introducing students to a number of experiences (museums, musicals, concerts, etc) the bay area has to offer. In her free time Cheryl enjoys running and working out; a habit she found to be very beneficial as an undergrad. She has run two marathons, most recently the 2017 SF marathon, and tries to get a workout in before work most mornings.  

About Sydney Osifeso, Frosh 101 Program Coordinator

Sydney Osifeso

Sydney Osifeso received her BA in Psychology with honors in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Stanford University in 2017. Sydney was a teaching assistant in the Department of Psychology, a resident assistant in Freshman-Sophomore College, and a program assistant in the Diversity and First-Gen Office before joining the Frosh 101 teaching team. In her role as Frosh 101 Program Coordinator, Sydney co-led a section of Frosh 101 in Meier Hall and she is currently working with Cheryl to train next year's leaders. Sydney is excited about what Frosh 101 is offering Stanford students and wishes there was a program like this when she came to campus as a first-generation college student. Given this, she is committed to ensuring the program continues to meet the diverse needs of frosh as they transition to Stanford's campus and find their community here. 

About Joy Robinson, Frosh 101 Program Coordinator

Joy Robinson

Joy Robinson ’18 received her BA in Human Biology with a concentration in Youth Development from Stanford University. Last fall, Joy aided in the success of the first Frosh 101 pilot as a curriculum leader in Rinconada. Joy was also a course development associate in the Human Biology program, a resident assistant in Trancos Hall, and a peer counselor at The Bridge on campus. From Joy’s experience, transitions take time even if you’ve been visiting campus since you were an infant. She is thrilled to support this years’ cohort as they embark on the incredible journey of mentoring incoming frosh. In her free time, she loves to practice yoga, go for hikes and spend time with her family at home in Redwood City.