Information for Physicians

SIMS program Overview

SIMS provides physicians with an opportunity to mentor sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduates who are interested in pursuing medicine. 

Students who are accepted into the SIMS program are paired with a physician mentor for one academic quarter, and learn from a breadth of experiences including shadowing in clinics and on rounds, observing in the operating room, attending departmental Grand Rounds lectures, and other opportunities as identified by the physician. 

Physicians are asked to commit to mentoring a student for one academic quarter.  During the quarter, the physician and student meet at least four times.  The duration of each meeting is decided by the physician and student.  An initial brief meeting is suggested for introductions, and schedule setting.  At the end of the quarter, the student completes a required one-page reflective essay in order to pass the one-unit SIMS course.  Physicians who enjoy participating in SIMS may continue as a mentor subsequent quarters.

Student Training

SIMS students attend a mandatory orientation that includes HIPAA training, review of SHC/LPCH's Code of Conduct, documentation of immunizations, and guidance in professional conduct and attire.  SIMS program and orientation materials have been reviewed by the Director of Compliance at Stanford Hospitals and Clinics.

Register for SIMS

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For more information

For any questions, or additional program information, contact Miao Gong: and Marlon Washington: Your message will receive a prompt reply.


SIMS is a partnership between the School of Medicine and the office of Academic Advising.