About Stanford in New York

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Program Highlights

  • Quarter-long, 4-day/week internship in area of student interest related to each quarter’s focus
  • Director-led New York City Seminar, integrating the learning from coursework, the city, and work experience
  • Stanford Faculty-in-Residence and New York faculty-led courses designed to capitalize on the resources only New York can offer
  • Field trips, alumni mentoring, guest speakers, and group activities
  • Immersive city experience with students living together in a central location
  • Supportive mentoring in guided internships, helping participants translate their academic knowledge and skills into possible career paths

Areas of Focus

  • Autumn quarter: the Arts, Architecture, Design, and Urban Studies
  • Winter quarter: Media, Business, and Finance
  • Spring quarter: The Global City
  • Students need not be majors in the program focus areas but should be interested in studying and interning in these areas for the quarter. See more details below.

The Basics

  • Program Offerings:  Autumn, Winter and Spring quartes
  • Courses: The required New York City Seminar course is offered one day/week; choose from 4-6 other courses.
  • Participants: Rising juniors and seniors are eligible to apply; limited numbers of sophomores will be admitted during Winter and Spring quarters; the program enrolls about 20 students per quarter. Seniors or coterms are eligible as long as they do not confer their undergraduate degrees before they go off-campus.
  • Applications: Applications require short essays, a resume and transcript, as well as the name of a faculty recommender. You may be invited to an interview with the program director before selections are made. Applications are due two quarters before the quarter of participation. For exact dates, please visit the Apply page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I live?

Students will be housed in double rooms in the FOUND Study Residence in Brooklyn Heights. Map it.

Where will I take classes?

Stanford in New York is located at 915 Broadway (at 21st Street) in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, near ample transportation options to all parts of the city. The facility includes seminar rooms, offices, and student lounge and work spaces.

What can I expect from the classes?

All students are required to enroll in The New York City Seminar. This class investigates and engages New York City through the program’s areas of focus and integrates your personal, professional, and academic learning.

Four to six additional electives (for 3 to 5 units of credit each) are offered in the evenings in the program areas. All classes use New York City as a learning laboratory and are unlike any class available on campus.  Students are expected to register for a full course load (at least 12 units).

Autumn course information

Winter course information

Spring course information

Do I need to be a major in one of the program areas of study?

No, but you need to be interested in studying and interning in these areas while you participate in the program. If your major or extra-curricular activities are not obviously related, please explain in your application why you want to attend and focus on these areas.

What kinds of internships will be available?

We have cultivated partnerships with a range of organizations for each quarter’s areas of focus. Specific options and possibilities are listed on the Internship page for each quarter. Additional placements will also be developed to suit the interests and goals of the admitted students.

How will I choose my internship?

Once you are admitted to the program, you will have a one-on-one consultation with the director to determine your interests and discuss options. In that meeting, we will develop an action plan, which will include research, submitting a resume and cover letter, and a video or phone interview with a potential placement, among other steps. Regular communication with program staff throughout this process is essential.

Are internships paid?

Because academic credit is granted through The New York City Seminar, internships are typically unpaid. However, some organizations and industries have strict policies about paying interns, which is acceptable as long as you inform the Stanford in New York staff.

Will I get credit for my internship?

Credit for your work and the learning in your internship will be granted through the required New York City Seminar. This seminar uses structured experiential education methods to help you form intentional goals, as well as reflect on, articulate, demonstrate, and integrate your learning from working, studying, and living in the city.

What about Thanksgiving and other university holidays?

While you are on the program, you should strive to integrate yourself as much as possible into the culture of the organization in which you are working. Most organizations are closed for Thanksgiving and other holidays; however, you should not assume so or assume that you can take extra time off around these holidays. Please discuss office closures and your options with your supervisor once you accept your internship.

What else will I get to experience on the program?

In addition to working, living, and taking classes in New York, the Stanford in New York program offers numerous field trips and events in and outside of New York City, along with other programming, such as a speaker series and alumni mentoring.