Off the iPhone and Into the World: Photojournalism in the City

This class requires the use of a camera phone or digital camera and a laptop.

Over ten weeks, students will be introduced to New York through the world of documentary photography and photojournalism and will learn how to create a project that captures one of the city’s divergent neighborhoods using photography and audio on their smartphones. Through weekly photography assignments and field trips in the media industry, students will have the opportunity to explore New York beyond the tourist haunts and trendy areas, garnering an appreciation of the city, its people, its strengths, and its challenges. The assignments will be used toward the creation of a unique portrait of a local community, using images, oral histories, and other visual storytelling techniques.

Students will learn about the components of a photography project as well as responsible image-making by thinking through content selection, intention, context, and audience. The class also will feature talks by celebrated photographers and field trips to photography professionals in different parts of the city. Students will be required to write two response papers about an exhibition, publication, or long-form web project they encounter during their time in New York.


Meet the Instructor(s)

Danielle Jackson

Danielle Jackson

Danielle Jackson is deeply committed to bringing discrete people, ideas, and disciplines together. She is the co-founder of the Bronx Documentary Center, an internationally-recognized gallery and educational space that uses photojournalism and documentary film to create conversation on social change.  Formerly, she ran the cultural department at Magnum Photos NY where she coordinated a range of lectures, traveling exhibitions and retrospectives for museums, universities, and photo festivals in more than a dozen countries. Her observations on cultural practice can be found on Twitter @Makerthinker. She holds a BFA in Film and Television and MA in Africana Studies from NYU.