Spring Quarter 2018: The Global City

Spring in NYC

Stanford in New York will offer its first Spring quarter in 2018 with the theme of The Global City. Often called the world’s capital, New York City is home to the United Nations, world-class art collections and activities, offices of almost every major company in the world, and the immigrant communities of the most diverse borough in the United States (Queens). The Spring quarter classes and internships will investigate how New York, as a complex, dynamic city, shapes and is shaped by concepts of globalism in various fields, industries, and lived experience.


New York is a truly global city, offering a myriad of opportunities for every student. The Internship Program Manager will work hand-in-hand with students to find the internships that best fit their academic and personal areas of interest. Potential internships include: The United Nations, The International Rescue Committee, The World Health Organization, Octopus Ventures (a UK-US venture capital fund), Endeavor Global (a firm which supports entrepreneurs in emerging markets), The Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, Bloomberg Philanthropies, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Asia Society, and many others.


In addition to the required New York City Seminar, students choose two additional courses from the elective courses. Classes meet during the day on Wednesdays and other weekday evenings.