Remote NYC Seminar and Internship: URBANST 101A

Winter Quarter 2020-2021

URBANST 101A: The NYC Seminar (Remote)
Rosina S. Miller & Mika Bouvard

Stanford in New York invites students to participate in our remote seminar/internship combination with the following two options:

Enrolled Option

Students enroll in courses offered by the university, as well as the NYC Seminar (Remote) for 3 units of credit. Students participate in a part-time remote internship for 15 hours/week.

Flex Option

Students use their flex quarter and enroll in the NYC Seminar (Remote) for 5 units of credit. Students participate in full-time remote internships (minimum 32 hours/week). The seminar will create a separate section for these students; additional coursework/assignments will be required, given the greater depth of experience and material available to students in a full-time work environment.


  • Students who applied to any of the suspended quarters (Spring & Autumn 2020, Winter 2021) will be invited to participate; if time and space permits, additional students may be admitted to the class.
  • All students who seek to obtain internships through Stanford in New York will commit to registering for the NYC Seminar (Remote) with the credit hours appropriate for the option they choose.
  • The seminar will be held in synchronous online meetings in Zoom, with asynchronous activities to supplement. There is no industry focus to the class, and students from all majors and interests are welcome.
  • Students can participate in their virtual internship and enroll in the remote NYC Seminar from wherever they are located.
  • The program will work with students to identify suitable NYC-based internships through our network of partners and contacts. Given that the availability of remote internship options in various industries must be determined, both program staff and students understand that in some cases the right match may not be found.
  • Students who choose this option will still be eligible to apply for a future quarter based in NYC.

Seminar Description

The NYC Seminar’s structured, experiential education model deeply enriches the value of internship experiences. Through goal setting, deep reflection on experiences, and expression and documentation of learning outcomes, students gain greater awareness about work-related interests, skills, and abilities and how they integrate with academic and personal interests and pursuits. Through readings, virtual experiences, and class discussions, the seminar will also consider the critical qualities and tensions that make NYC special and how the fields and organizations represented by student internships contribute to making New York what it is and vice versa.

Class sessions will include exploration of how the extensive cultural, social, and economic diversity of New York City informs its history and global influence in relevant industries; virtual tours of museums and other city-based activities; a panel with alumni and city leaders on New York City & the pandemic; discussion of the future of work and career readiness competencies, including remote environments; deep dives with alumni in related industries for discussions around issues, opportunities, advice, and challenges specific to their fields; exploration of workplace culture; a career growth workshop with a leading New York City-based consulting company; in addition, ample opportunity in small groups and as a whole to get to know each other, learn about each other’s internships, and share advice and lessons learned throughout the quarter. Students will also be matched with an alum in their field of interest for a personalized mentorship during the quarter.

Enrollment in this course/internship combination is limited, and admission will be granted on a rolling basis. For more information, please email