Thinking Matters Catalog

Thinking Matters Catalog

The Thinking Matters Catalog is sent to incoming first-year students as part of the Approaching Stanford Handbook.  It is one of your first introductions to the academic world of Stanford. Choosing among so many different options for fulfilling your Thinking Matters requirement is only the first of many decisions you will make in joining the Stanford community.  

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Changes and Updates in Spring and Summer 2020

We have made some changes since you initially received the PDF catalog, but you do not need to update your preferences. We expect to publish placements in mid-August, and it will be possible to request changes once you have talked to your academic advisor. All THINK courses will be offered online, not in-person, with a mix of synchronous live meetings and asynchronous recordings and material.

THINK Courses in Summer Quarter

  • Think 61: Living with Viruses (will be offered both Winter and Summer)
  • Think 68: What Makes Music Classical
  • Think 69: Emotion
  • Think 72: Capitals. How Cities Shape Cultures, States, and People (NEW)

New and Changed Courses

  • Think 72: Capitals. How Cities Shape Cultures, States, and People is a New Course
  • Think 59: Worlds of Sound has been reinvented to use the sounds of a pandemic and national protests as course material
  • ESF 13: The Discovery of the Mind has a new title, Rebellious Minds

Course Cancellations

  • ESF 19: Memoirs from the Margins
  • ESF 6: The Wind of Freedom
  • Think 45: Thinking About the Universe
  • Think 64: Healing, Illness, Stories
  • Think 63: Justice and the University

Thinking Matters Course Videos

Watch faculty describe their Thinking Matters course.

Thinking Matters Videos

Fulfilling the Thinking Matters Requirement

There are several different paths to completing your Thinking Matters requirement: THINK, ESF, SLE, ITALIC. Use this helpful chart as you review your options.

Comparison Chart of Thinking Matters Options

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