Where can I check my Thinking Matters assignment?
Students can check their assignment on vcathink.stanford.edu, this is especially helpful for future quarters in which registration has not yet opened.

What is the THINK schedule?
For THINK, all students attend a Lecture and a Discussion Section. The Lecture shows up in ExploreCourses as Section 01, and then you will choose one of the other listed Sections as your Discussion Section. Both the Lecture and Discussion Section are 50 minutes and meet twice a week.

I just realized that my THINK class no longer works with my schedule, what should I do?
We understand that plans change, students can request to change their THINK assignment up to the first week of classes.  Please follow the instructions on  requesting to change your THINK class.  

Do I have to take my THINK class in Autumn?
No, students can take their THINK class anytime during their Frosh year.  THINK courses are offered in Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer (currently) to offer students the flexibility in deciding when they want to complete the requirement.  Please review the course offerings on ExploreCourses.  

I just submitted my change request, what now?
It can take up to 2-3 business days for your request to be processed.  You can check your assignment on vcathink.stanford.edu or on Axess.  If your request cannot be accommodated, you will be notified by email.

Is it too late to switch my class or section?
Students can request to make changes to their Thinking Matters classes up until the end of the first week of classes for the current quarter.  Any changes after this date will require instructor approval.

Why haven’t I heard back from anyone?
Due to the large number of requests that we receive, we are unable to respond to each request individually.  You will only receive an email if we were unable to accommodate your request.  If you have submitted a request to change your assignment and 2-3 business days have passed, please check vcathink.stanford.edu for your assignment. 

Can an instructor add me to their class or switch sections for me?
No.  Instructors do not have the ability to make changes to your schedule, when students reach out to them they also contact the Thinking Matters Office. Please follow the instructions on  requesting to change your THINK class.

Do you need to retake your Thinking Matters course or complete your IHUM, CIV, or Western Culture requirement?
Please contact our staff at thinkingmatters@stanford.edu, and we will get you enrolled in a class.

If you have a question that has not been answered please email thinkingmatters@stanford.edu