Student Creative Projects Digital Exhibit

Integral to the process of learning to think is the opportunity to do. The doing of Thinking Matters involves a range of activities, from in-class simulations to exploring Stanford's own labs and museums, to student-created projects. 

Creative Projects from the Thinking Matters Requirement

This digital exhibit offers windows into some of the exceptional work created by students for their courses in the Thinking Matters Requirement (THINK, ESF, SLE and ITALIC). Most of these projects are winners of the Creative Project Award. Established for projects starting Academic Year 2019-20, the award is offered to projects which demonstrate learning through creativity, and the projects are characterized by intellectual rigor, an original use of form, strong synthesis of the course content, and overall quality. Learn more and nominate your students here. The exhibit also features some full-class projects and exceptional work created before the official award was established.


Accessible version of exhibit.