Thinking Matters Policies

Grade Disputes and Other Concerns

Policies vary slightly depending on program, but in general, the first step is to talk with your instructor. This Grade Dispute chart outlines the specific process for Thinking Matters, SLE, ITALIC, and ESF. Students may also find Stanford's Student Academic Grievance Procedure helpful. 

COVID-19 Changes to Grading Policies

Normally, students must take THINK for a letter grade to fulfill the Thinking Matters requirement. However, COVID-19 required some changes to this policy.

In Spring 2020, all courses were only offered as S/NC. An S in Spring 2020 fulfills the THINK requirement.

For Academic Year 2020-21, all courses must have an CR/NC option. A CR in THINK, ESF, SLE, or ITALIC during 2020-21 fulfills the THINK requirement. Students can change their own grading basis independently in Axess by the deadline; there is no need to ask the THINK office.