Who Directs Seminars and Tutorials?

Thinking Matters Fellows

Fellows who lead Thinking Matters sections and tutorials are recruited from a national search for up to a three-year term.  They are chosen because of their familiarity with the problems and topics of the courses as well as experience and expertise in working with freshmen.  The regular and close contact with students significantly enhances freshman learning, particularly in the crucial areas of critical inquiry, analysis, reading and writing. 


Kassahun Betre

Kassahun Betre received his bachelor's degree in Physics and Math from Macalester College. He completed his PhD in theoretical particle physics at...Read more

David Blome

Dave Blome received his Ph.D. in History from Cornell University in 2015. He specializes in ancient Greek history, in particular the broader socio-...Read more

Anna Corwin

Anna Corwin received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from UCLA. Anna’s research focuses on aging, embodiment, well-being, and social interaction. Anna’s...Read more aicorwin@stanford.edu

Robert Furrow

Robert Furrow is a Thinking Matters Fellow at Stanford University, specializing in teaching Biology, Statistics, and Mathematics. He received his BA...Read more

Kjerstin Gruys

Kjerstin Gruys is a Sociologist who is a Thinking Matters Fellow and a Postdoctoral Scholar (by courtesy) at the Stanford University Clayman...Read more

Angela Harris

Angela Harris is a postdoctoral lecturer in the Thinking Matters program at Stanford. Angela teaches in the following Freshmen Thinking Matters...Read more

Sarah Hillenbrand

Sarah Hillenbrand is a Lecturer in the Thinking Matters Program. She received her B.A. in Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Spanish Area Studies from...Read more shillenb@stanford.edu

Lauren Hirshberg

Lauren Hirshberg is a Lecturer in the Thinking Matters Teaching Fellowship program at Stanford University. She received her Ph.D. in History from the...Read more lhirshbe@stanford.edu

Raymond Kania

Raymond Kania studied classics at the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago, where he earned the PhD. His first book, "Virgil's...Read more

Kara McCormack

Kara McCormack received her PhD in American Studies at the University of New Mexico. Her general fields of study are popular culture and cultural...Read more kmccorma@stanford.edu

Karen Powroznik

Karen Powroznik received her BA in Sociology and History from Dickinson College and her Ph.D in Sociology from Stanford University. Her primary...Read more powroznk@stanford.edu

Jehnna Ronan

Jehnna received her bachelor’s degree in biology from Harvard College and completed her Ph.D. in cancer biology at Stanford University in 2015. For...Read more

Stephen Spiess

Stephen Spiess serves as Thinking Matters Fellow at Stanford University, a three-year postdoctoral position that allows him to teach alongside senior...Read more spiess@stanford.edu

Bronwen Tate

Bronwen Tate serves as Thinking Matters fellow. Her current book project, Large as Life: Scale in Post-1945 American Poetry, uses brevity and length...Read more brtate@stanford.edu