Fellows Responsibilities

Thinking Matters Handbook

The Thinking Matters Handbook (Fellows-Only link) was designed to give teaching fellows an overview of resources from program operations, to working in your teaching team, and tools for professional development and support.

Questions about the information in this Handbook should be addressed to Dayo Mitchell or Parna Sengupta.

Administrative and Financial Operating Procedures

Please use the following forms for Thinking Matters related requests:

Advance Request Form

Honorarium Request Form

Reimbursement & Purchase Form

Rented or Borrowed Vehicles

Request for Reimbursement Form - STAP

SIS Field Trip Clipper Cards Request

Travel Reimbursements


Please contact SISbusiness@stanford.edu with additional questions.

Stanford Honor Code

Information on the Honor code can be found online at: https://communitystandards.stanford.edu/student-conduct-process/honor-code-and-fundamental-standard


Registrar Definitions And Explanations Of Grades

Find the description of grades at the registrar's site.