All Fellows

Name Institution
ALWISHAH, Ahmed   Assistant Professor of Philosophy, PitzerCollege 
ARIZMENDI,Donavan English Teacher, The Madeira School, McLean, VA 
ARKHIPOV, Andrey  
AUERBACH, Jeffrey  Professor of History, California State University, Northridge
BALSAMO, Gian   Dept. of English and Comparative Literature, American University in Cairo
BARAHONA, Byron   Lecturer, UC Santa Cruz 
BARDILL, Jessica 

Assistant Professor of English, East Carolina University

BARKER, Jennifer  Assistant Professor, English East Tennessee State University 
BARRERA, Magdalena   Assistant Professor, Mexican American Studies, San Jose State University
BAUCH, Nicholas Post-doctoral fellow, Bill Lane Center for the American West, Stanford 
BELCO, Victoria Associate Prof. of History Portland State University
BELL, Phaedra  Director of UME , University of California-San Francisco
BENJAMIN, Richard   Senior Fellow, Demos (think tank) and author
BESSER-JONES, Lorraine  Asst. Prof. of Philosophy at Middlebury College
BLAKE, Emma  Assistant Professor, Department of Classics Tufts University

Assistant Professor of History, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

BOYCE, Kristin

ACLS New Faculty Fellow, John Hopkins University

BRAGG, Rashida Assistant Professor, Africana Studies, Williams College
BRIGHT, Kristin Research Faculty, NYU School of Medicine
BROWN, Timothy  
BRUCH, Mia  Nonprofit Organization Management Professional New York, NY 
BURCE, Amy  
BUSCH, Austin Assistant Professor, English SUNY Brockport
CALCAGNO, Claire  Visiting Scholar, Prog. In Science, Technology and Society MIT
CARLSTON, Erin Assoc. Professor, English and Comparative Literature UNC Chapel Hill
CARTER, Julian  Associate Professor, Critical Studies  California College of the Arts
CARTER, Tara   
CARTER, William Assistant Professor, Department of History, College of New Jersey
CERVENAK, Sarah Assistant Professor Women's and Gender Studies/African American Studies
CHAN, Anita Assistant Professor University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
CIANCIA, Kathryn Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Wisconsin, Madison
CLAYTON, Barbara Lecturer, Classics, Stanford University
CLINE, Eric Assoc. Prof and Chair, Dept of Classical and NELC, GWU
CHENOWETH, John Assistant Professor of Archaeology, University of Michigan, Dearborn
COHEN, Emily Acquisitions editor, Stanford University Press
COLL, Kathy  Lecturer, Anthropology and Feminist Studies, Stanford University
COLLIER, Mark Assistant Professor, Philosophy at University of Minnesota, Morris
CONROY, Melanie Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Memphis
COONEY, Kathlyn Asst. Prof. of Egyptian Art andArchaeology at UCLA
COPELAND, Kirsti  Director, Residentially based Advising, Stanford University
CORBALLY, John Lecturer, Department of History, Stanford University
COUREY, Renee Coordinator, Pathways to Discovery at University of California, San Francisco
CRAWFORD, Karin   
CRAWFORD, Margo Assoc. Professor, Department of English Cornell University
CROWDER-TARABORRELLI, Tomas Visiting Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies, Soka University of America
CULVERHOUSE, Zenon Lecturer, SLE, Stanford University
CUPPLES, Cythia  
CURIEL, Erik Computer system administrator and computer programmer
CUSHMAN, Richard  English Teacher, The College Preparatory High School, Oakland, CA 
DAVIS, C.B. Writing/editing
DAVIS, Rochelle Assistant Professor, Arab Studies Georgetown University
DAUBE, Matthew Psychology Master's Program
DEFENDI, Adrienne  Photographer, Artist
DENERY, Dallas Assoc. Professor, Department of HistoryBowdoin College
DENMAN, Mariatte Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Stanford University
DESJARDINS, Julie Researcher, Athos Inc.
DEVEAUX, Sherry Instructor, Continuing Studies Stanford University
DIEHL, Keila  Lecturer, Anthropology Stanford University
DIMOCK, Andrew   
DONG, Xinyu  Assistant Prof. Dept of Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago
DOPFEL, Costanza Assoc. Professor Dept. of Modern Languages St. Mary's College of California
DRAUGHON, Francesca   
DUFFEY, Carolyn Lecturer, American Studies  Stanford University
DUTTLER, Stefanie Genentech
EARLE, Bo Asst. Prof. of English, University of British Columbia
EVERETT, Anthony Senior Lecturer , Bristol University, UK
FEKE, Jackie

Collegiate Assistant Professor in the Liberal Arts, University of Chicago Society of Fellows

FEOLA, Michael  Associate Prof, Lafayette College
FERRI, Sabrina Assistant Professor of Italian, University of Notre Dame
FERRIS, Erin  
FINKEL, Stuart Dean  Assoc. Professor, History University of Florida
FLYNN, Catherine Assistant Professor of English, University of California, Berkeley
FOSS, Pedar Professor, Department of Classical Studies at Depauw University
GANZ, Melissa  College Fellow, Harvard University
GARDNER, Kara Adjunct Professor of Music,University of San Francisco
GENONE, James Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers University, Camden, NJ
GLAZEBROOK, Allison  Associate Professor, Classics Department Brock University, Canada
GOSLINGA, Gillian  Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Science in Society, Wesleyan University
GRAHAM, Mark Associate Professor, History Grove City College
GRIGGS, Tamara Lecturer in History and Literature, Harvard University
HART, Jennifer Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and CORE, Elon University
HEREDIA, Arturo Lecturer, Program inWriting and Rhetoric, Stanford University
HEYN, Maura Assistant Professor University of North Carolina, Greensboro
HOERNER, Fred Teacher and Dean, Bentley School, Lafayette, CA
HOKANSON, Chris Asst. Professor and Department Head, Judson College, Marion Alabama
HORKY, Phillip Lecturer in Classics at Durham University
HOSEK, Jennifer Assistant Professor, German Queens University, Ontario
HRUSKA, Anne Lecturer, Continuing Education Stanford University
HSIEH, Meiyu

Assistant Professor of History, The Ohio State University

HSU, Roland Associate Director, The Europe Center atFSI Stanford Stanford University
HUI, Andrew Assistant Professor, NUS/ Yale University
HUNTER, Michael  
JENKS, Andrew Assoc. Prof. of History at California State University, Long Beach 
JOHNSTONE, Steve Assistant Professor of Ancient Greek of History, University of Arizona
JONES, Angela Director of University Relations, Hispanic Scholarship Fund
 JONES, Robert Asst. Prof., Director of the Center of Applied & Professional Ethics, CalState,Chico
KANELOS, Peter Assistant Professor of Fine and Performing Arts , Loyola University of Chicago
KATSEV, Allison Lecturer, History  San Jose State University
KAUFER, Stephen Assoc. Prof and Chair, Department of Philosophy Franklin and Marshall College
KAUFFMAN, Jesse  Asst. Prof. of Eastern Michigan University
KELLY, Martha Assistant Prof. of Russian Education, University of Missouri
KELLY, Sean Professor, Chair of the Department of Philosophy Harvard University
KESHANI, Hussein  Asst. Prof. Art History UBC Okanagan 
KIM, Kevin  
KLEINNEIUR, Joann Editor and Owner, Revision Editing
KOENEKE, Rodney  Writer
KOLOSKI, Laurie Assoc. Professor, Department of History; College of William and Mary 
LEGUTKO, Paul Allen  Vice President of Analytics Semphonic, Inc., Lexington, MA
LEWIS, Kim  
LOVELL, Alison Assistant Professor, Humanities-Classics Ohio Wesleyan University
LUTOMSKI, Pavo Lecturer, International Relations, Stanford University
MACHOSKY, Brenda Assistant Professor, University ofHawai'I, West O'ahu

Director of Research, Philosophy Talk, Stanford University

MALEGAM, Jehangir Assistant Professor, History at Duke University
MARINO, James Joseph Assoc. Professor of English Cleveland State University
MARMARELLI, Trina  Instructional Technologist, Reed College
MATHERS, Kathryn Visiting Asst. Prof. of Anthropology at Duke University
MCBRIDE, Christine Visiting Assistant Professor, English at Reed College
MCCARTHY, Molly Visiting Scholar, UCBerkeley
MCFALL, Michael Visiting Lecturer at Bowling Green State University
MCINTYRE, Sean Michael  
MEADOWSONG, Zena  Asst. Prof. of English at Rowan University
MEDIN, Daniel Assistant Professor, The American University of Paris
MEYER, Martina  
MITCHELL, Andrew Assistant Professor, Philosophy Emory University
MYERS, Jeffrey Assoc. Professor, English Manhattan College
NEUFELD, Blain Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
NIMCHUK, Cindy Assoc. Prof. of History at University of Illinois Springfield
O’CONNELL, Monique Assistant Professor, History Wake Forest University
PAHL, Katrin Assistant Professor, German Studies Johns Hopkins University
PAL, Carol Assistant Professor, History Bennington College
PALERM, Carmina Assistant Professor, Languages and Literatures Pacific Lutheran University
PATYK, Lynn Lecturer, University of Florida
PETTY, Alice Director of Pre-Major Advising, Stanford
PIERSON, Inga Lecturer, Department of French and Italian, Stanford University
POLLOK, Anne Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of South Carolina
PORTA, Fred Lecturer, Language Center, Stanford
PURYEAR, Stephen Assistant Prof., Philosophy North Carolina State University
RANDOLPH, John Assist. Professor, Department of History University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
RAPP, Jennifer Robert Aird Chair in the Humanities, Deep Springs College
REEVES, Jessica Assistant Professor, Qwest University, Canada
RIZVI, Uzma Assistant Professor of Social Science and Cultural Studies, Pratt
ROBERTS, Tom Visiting Assistant Professor of Slavic, University of Illinois at Chicago
ROBINSON, Benjamin Asst Professor, Germanic Studies Indiana University
RONKIN, Noa Development Associate at Benetech
ROSS, Valerie Teacher, Castilleja School
ROYALTY, Rob  Assoc. Professor, Department of Religion , Wabash College
RYAN, Bart   
RYTKONEN, Helle Laila  
SANDER, Mark  
SCANDURA, Jani Assoc. Prof, English; Resident Fellow, Institute of Advanced Study, Univ of Minnesota
SCHIBILLE, Nadine Research Fellow, University of Oxford School of Archaeology
SCHINDLER, Rebecca  Assoc. Professor and Chair of the Classical Studies Department Depauw University
SCHOENWALD, Jonathan Director of the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College
SCHON, Robert  AssistantProf. Of Anthropology, University of AZ
SCHROEDER, Carrie  Assistant Professor, Religious and Classical Studies University of the Pacific
SCHWENKEL, Christina Assistant Professor, Anthropology UCRiverside
SCOTLAND-STEWART, Laurel   Adjunt Faculty, University of San Francisco
SCOTT, Darieck Assoc. Prof. of African American Studies, University of California, Berkeley
SELIGO, Carlos Academic Technology Specialist, Stanford University
SERENAC, Darko Assistant Professor, Philosophy Colorado State University
SHANK, J.B. Assoc. Professor, Department of History University of Minnesota
SHEMMER, Yonatan  Lecturer, Philosophy University of Sheffield, England
SLATIN, Patricia  
SLOTKIN, Joel Assistant Professor, English Towson University
SOCHER, Abe Assoc. Professor, Jewish Studies Program Director, Oberlin College
SOIFER-IRISH, Maya  Asst. Prof. of History at Rice University
STAVELEY, Alice Lecturer, Dept of English, Stanford University
STEMWEDEL, Janet Assoc. Professor, Philosophy San Jose State
STEVENSON, Melissa  Academic Advising Director, UAR, Stanford University
SU, Weixing Associate Professor, English  Beijing University
SUKHONOS, Natalya  
SZABO, Victoria Asst. Research Prof. Visual Studies and New Media, Duke
TACKETT, Nicolas  Assistant Professor of History, University of California, Berkeley
TIERNEY, Kathleen Assistant Professor, St. Mary’s College
TIGNER, Amy Assistant Professor, English University of Texas, Arlington
TILLIS, Steve Lecturer, St. Mary’s College of California
TIWARI, Bulbul Media Scholar and Practitioner, Washington D.C.
TURKELTAUB, Daniel  Assistant Prof. of Classics at Santa Clara University
TUSAN, Michelle Assoc. Professor of History University of Nevada, Las Vegas
VAN HARTEN, Alice Manager of Strategy, Elsevier Science & Technology, Amsterdam
VICK, Brian Associate Prof. of History, Emory University
WALTER, Davey  
WATSON, Charles Herman Assistant Professor, Philosophy EarlhamCollege
WATTS-TOBIN, Alex  Adventure Tourism
WELGE, Jobst Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and Humanities FreieUniversitat Berlin
WESSLING, Rob Associate Director, Center for Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies Stanford
WEST, Candace SSRC Program Officer, New York
WEST, William Assoc. Professor, English Northwestern University
WILSON, Kristi  Professor, Soka University of America
WOLFENSTEIN, Gabriel Program Manager, Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis
WOO-SAM, Anne Project Coordinator at Milliman
WRIGHT, Kimberly  
YILMAZ, Husseyin Asst. Prof. University of South Florida
 ZARANKIN, Julia Writer, editor, writing coach in Toronto
ZIEGER, Susan Assistant Professor of English University of California, Riverside 

Assistant Professor of History, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN