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Multimedia Project Design

As ever-advancing technology continues to impact our students’ lives, instructors realize the importance of incorporating it into their curriculum. Many have already been using video, audio, and graphic presentations to enhance student learning. Another way to harness the power and excitement of digital, electronic, and traditional media is by assigning multimedia projects for students to create themselves. Multimedia projects allow students to combine different types of media (text, audio, video, pictures, graphics, etc.) into a single cohesive presentation. They offer an opportunity for students to actively engage in a project in a way that is relevant and familiar to how they gather and understand information already. And, perhaps more important, they give students the chance to be creative, solve problems, think critically, and develop crucial real-world skills, all at the same time. Below are links to Multimedia Best Practices, Legend and Evaluation Form, developed specifically for Thinking Matters. For more information, please talk to Academic Technology Specialist Beth Seltzer.

Multimedia Best Practices (requires SUnet)

Multimedia Evaluation Form (requires SUnet)

Multimedia Legend (requires SUnet)