Recent Alumni

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Name Institution
BARDILL, Jessica 

Assistant Professor of English, East Carolina University


Academic Advising Director, Stanford University 

BAUCH, Nicholas Assistant Professor of Geo-Humanities and Director, Experimental Geography Studio, University of Oklahoma
BETRE, Kassahun

Assistant Professor of Physics, Pepperdine University


Assistant Professor of History, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

CARTER, Tara  Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Santa Barbara City College 
CIANCIA, Kathryn Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Wisconsin, Madison
CHENOWETH, John Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Michigan-Dearborn
CONROY, Melanie Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Memphis
CORBALLY, John Assistant Professor of History at Diablo Valley College
COYNE, Brian

Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Stanford University


Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Purdue University

CULVERHOUSE, Zenon Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of the Incarnate Word
DAUBE, Matthew Clinical Psychologist

Head of Marketing, Athos


Assistant Professor, Minerva School

DUTTLER, Stefanie Genentech
FRUH, Kyle Assistant Professor, Duke Kunshan University
FURROW, Robert Quantitative Biology Education Postdoc at UC Davis
GRUYS, Kjerstin Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Nevada - Reno
HARRIS, Angela Assistant professor at North Carolina State University in the Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Department
HART, Jennifer Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and CORE, Elon University
HIRSHBERG, Lauren Assistant Professor of History, Regis University
HSIEH, Meiyu Assistant Professor of History at The Ohio State University
JOHNSTON, Erin Jim Joseph Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Graduate School of Education, Stanford University
KISH, Zenia Assistant Professor of Media Studies at The University of Tulsa
KIM, Kevin Research Associate, University of Washington-Bothell
KOEVER, Hania Head of the Office of the Graduate School at Institute of Science and Technology Austria
KREITMAIR, Karola Assistant Professor of Bioethics, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Science Education Fellow, Department of Statistics, Stanford University

NORAKO, Kate Assistant Professor of English at University of Washington
OLSON, Nate Assistant Professor and Associate Director for Campus Programs, Kegley Institute of Ethics, Cal State-Bakersfield
OWENS, Melinda Science Education Partnership and Assessment Laboratory (SEPAL) Postdoctoral Fellow
PERKINS, Sarah Education as Self-Fashioning Lecturer at Stanford University

Teacher at Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton CA 

POLLOK, Anne Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of South Carolina
REEVES, Jessica Technical Consultant, Hydrogeophysics
ROBERTS, Tom Assistant Professor of Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies, Smith College
RONAN, Jehnna Associate Teacher at Nueva School
SCHWEGMAN, Jeff Humanities & Arts Initiatives Coordinator, Stanford University
SPIESS, Stephen

Assistant Professor of Literature, Babson College


Assistant Professor, Department of English Language & Literatures, University of British Columbia

SUKHONOS, Natalya Lecturer in Writing and Rhetoric, Stanford
TATE, Bronwen

Assistant Professor of Writing, Marlboro College

TAYLOR, Stacey Wirt Program Manager, NanoString Technologies, Inc.
TENNEN, Ruth Product Scientist, 23andMe
TIERNEY, Kathleen Literature Teacher, Proof School
WALKER, Matthew Visiting Assistant Professor, Middlebury College
WILEY, Terrance Assistant Professor of Religion and Africana Studies, Coordinator, Initiative for Ethical Engagement and Leadership, Haverford College
ZIENTEK, Adam Assistant Professor in History at UC Davis

Assistant Professor of History, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN