Common Questions asked by Students


Yes, Ways courses completed during academic year, including summer quarter, and taken for CR/NC grading with a Credit (CR) grade or S/NC grading with a Satisfactory (S) grade will satisfy that Way.



Yes, Ways courses completed in spring quarter 2020 and taken for S/NC grading with a Satisfactory grade will satisfy the Ways requirement.


Yes, Ways courses completed in winter quarter 2020 and taken for CR/NC grading with a CR grade may be eligible for Ways. Please reach out to Academic Advising for further guidance (CR grading for winter quarter only).


Typically, transfer courses must be taken in-person, but for spring and summer quarters 2020, online transfer courses can satisfy a Ways requirement.  See the Ways Transfer Credit page for more details.   


The Ways program does not have a process whereby students may petition a course to be reviewed for Ways certification. It is not mandatory to have all courses certified for Ways, so it is an “opt-in” program. Instructors and departments decide whether they want to submit a course for Ways and they sometimes choose not to for various reasons.


It depends. If you took the course during the same academic year it became approved for Ways, then you would earn Ways credit. However, if you took the course in a prior year, then you cannot earn Ways credit. The effective date for any Ways approval is fall of the current academic year, so courses taken in a previous year cannot be retroactively approved for Ways.


You can submit an online Request to Update Ways Designation Form; however, it makes sense to do this later in your academic career since it requires you to map out how you have or are planning to fulfill your Ways over your academic career. If it’s earlier in your career, you can submit a Service Now request to Degree Audit. Please note that you can only change the Ways designation once.


COVID EXCEPTION- See above common questions regarding grading.  Yes, all Ways courses must be taken for a letter grade unless a letter grade is not given as an option. Courses offered as “letter grade or credit/no credit” must be taken for a letter grade to earn Ways credit. If a Creative Expression (CE) course is only offered as Satisfactory/No Credit (S/NC), then you will earn Ways credit.


Yes, Ways courses must be a minimum of 3 units except CE, which is a 2-unit requirement. When a course is offered for variable units (e.g., 2-5 units) and is certified for Ways, you must take it for a minimum of 3 units to earn Ways credit. Please see the Ways About webpage for more details on how to fulfill the CE requirement.


Run your Degree Progress Report in Axess. Also, visit Check Your Ways on the Ways website for tools to track your Ways over your academic career.


A course can only count for one Way requirement even though the course may be "repeatable" for general university credit. CE credit is an exception, students can repeat the same class twice and earn Ways credit, such as Music or Dance.


You cannot take a cross-listed course and have it count for an additional Way, either same Way type (e.g., two AII) or for a second Way in a dual-certified course (e.g., AII and ED).


During your frosh year, there is no urgency to immediately complete your Ways requirement. Your first year is a time to explore new experiences and courses although you can still keep Ways on the radar. Most Thinking Matters courses, many Introductory Seminar courses, and some courses in your major are Ways-certified. You may want to map out your Ways course-taking during winter or spring of your sophomore year.


Yes, many courses can count for both Ways and other general education requirements. Check out the About webpage for more details on what courses may double count, such as Thinking Matters. Some courses in your major may also count for Ways.


You should run the Degree Progress Report in Axess to determine what courses you have taken, then use Explore Courses to determine which Ways these courses meet.


Yes, you can switch to the Ways program. Please visit an advisor in Academic Advising and submit an application to the Student Services Center. After 2-3 weeks, Ways should show as your new breadth requirement when you run a Degree Progress report in Axess.