Sample Syllabi for Aesthetic and Interpretive Inquiry (AII)

Course How is this a good syllabus example?
ARTHIST 156A, TAPS 156A Warhol: Painting, Photography, Performance Detailed assignments, each having students use interpretive method in multiple ways.
RELIGST 55 Exploring Zen Buddhism Detailed assignments and multiperspectival, students are well guided as to the different modes of interpretation they are being asked to use, and why.  This course is also Ways-certified for ED.
PHIL 105C Beauty in Ancient Greek Philosophy This is an ideal syllabus in terms of clarity and detail. It moves students through the paces of AII in an explicit way.
GERMAN 88 Germany in 5 Words Clear goals that both define the intent behind each of the historical, cultural, and literary units. It also shows how each would be essential to the interpretation of the others. Combines both analytic and synthetic rigor and clarity. Assignments test student learning and asks students to display and use their skills in terms of both inquiry and interpretation.  This course is also Ways-certified for ED.
CSRE 160M, DANCE 160M, FEMGEN 160M, TAPS 160M Middle East in Dance and Culture Using one set of objects, students approach the topic from many methodological angles and are asked, in very precise ways, to use each.  This course is also Ways-certified for ED.